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World Religions

World Religions Worldview

The completed chart provides an easy reference to how a number of important religions view different topics. This paper will explore the worldview of good and evil, as seen through the eyes of a number of different world religions. This topic was chosen because everyone sadly encounters evil at some...

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Significance of the Universe According To Taoism and Christianity

The universe is indeed significant in the Taoism religion as it goes on to explain in great detail how it was formed and the principles and energies that underlie its function and origin. Taoism recognizes that all facets of the universe are subject to similar physical laws and theories. For...

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How a Monk of the Dojoji in the Province of KII Copied the Lotus Sutra

The religious motif starts with the widow who has lustful feelings for a young monk who takes lodging at her house. Her role can be seen as Eve, giving into her temptations and thus trying to make the young monk down with her. She snuck into his room and told...

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Dao Allah and Brahman

It is very difficult to clearly articulate all the similarities and differences, which exist between the beliefs about Dao, Allah and Brahman. On the one hand, it may be, in a very rough sense, generalized, that all and every one of them are deific, they all are of deific nature,...

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Igbo Tribe Funeral Rite of Passage

A rite of passage is a ritual that serves to celebrate a person’s transition from one life stage to another. It usually consists of three separate phases: separation, transition, and introduction. Rite of passage ceremonies can come in so many different forms, including religious ceremonies, marriages, funerals, births, naming ceremonies,...

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Prophetic Religion and the Future of Capitalist Civilization

All trough Cornel’s chapter, he tries to champion and advocate for a more accommodative people, and flexible thinkers. People who are able to understand others’ view of life not from their own perspective, but theirs’. These groups of people include the atheists, and the agnostics. He notes that it is...

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Modern Religion: Scientology

Origin of All Things Scientology focuses on mankind rather than on a creation story. The focus is greatly on the individual and the individual’s path and this means that the individual’s world is created through the individual. As there is a supreme being and a belief in evolution, there is...

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Modern Challenges to Religion

When the roles and impacts of the three most dominant religions are viewed in regard to social and political realities over history, a remarkable fact emerges. Even as the varying faiths have been used to support conflicts and wars, there exists a number of important similarities between them, and to...

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Buddha’s and Christ lives: A brief comparison

The life of religious figures is commonly marked by extraordinary events, which happen as soon as their conception. The Buddha’s and the Christ lives are no different. What follows is a brief comparison highlighting the most notorious similitudes and differences between their lives and teachings. Jesus, the Christ, was born...

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A Model of Christian Charity

At least we can agree that all religions worship the same God, the only difference lies in the manner in which the Gods are viewed and understood. According to the religions of the world, the first man is believed to have been created in a garden-Eden, a Sumerian word that...

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Japanese And Asian Religion

Question 1 The film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” is based on Japanese culture and vividly portrays an exceptional understanding of the Eastern culture. The documentary film shows the life of Jiro, an 85-year-old Jiro, who is not ready to retire at all and has a great determination in his work....

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Religious Pluralism

When Diana Eck refers to the Latin phrase “e pluribus unum”, she first of all speaks of the American people’s desire to unite, to create one people out of many, to create one religion out of many. She speaks of the people who come from diverse backgrounds, and this includes...

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The Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam is a political and religious organization, which was founded in 1930s in the United States, and since then has undergone a number of significant transformations of its ideology under different leaders. The organization claims to be struggling for the rights and equality of African Americans, while...

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Islam In Africa And India

Islam has had an important impact in many different parts of the world. While it remains the religion with the most adherents in the world, Islam’s impact has been different depending on where it has been applied. Looking at the role and impact of Islam in Africa is much different...

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Islam Influence

Religion is arguably the most important force in life for most people in this world and I am no different. While life experiences have played a huge role in shaping my personality, even they could not exceed the influence Islam has exerted on my life. One of the most important...

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Hindu and Sikh Traditions

The answer to whether Indians believe in multiple gods, or polytheism, would depend on the specific religion the person believes in. Hinduism does include multiple gods that are worshiped, while Sikhs only believe in one god, so they would be monotheistic. Examples of Hindu gods would be Ganesha, "the lord...

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Comparison and Contrast of Hindu and Buddhist Ethical Traditions

Hinduism and Buddhism are related traditions that evolved in the same spiritual culture of ancient India. Buddhism believes that the One is the absolute Non-Being that underlies the manifested being. Absolute Being coincides with absolute non-existence. These are two sides of the same coin, and it can be said that...

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The Origin of the Universe

Introduction The question of the origin the universe has remained a controversial topic through all ages with different beliefs and opinions across religions and cultures. Some believe that all things were created by a supreme being while others believe in spontaneous existence of things. The choice of this category for...

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Religious Intolerance

In reflecting on issues of tolerance and forgiveness in religion, it is difficult to not take into account humanity's long, and usually unfavorable, history on the subject. From ancient times to the present, in fact, it seems that a defining element of humanity itself is an inability or unwillingness to...

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Religion in the News

An article titled “Syria explained: How it became a religious war” by Daniel Burke informs the readers that the fighting factions are being inspired by their respective religious beliefs. I have chosen this article for several reasons. First of all, this article helps the readers better understand the on-going war...

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