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World Religions

Kemalism And Its Peculiarities

1) Kemalism is dedicated to a republican form of government, which they believe will best secure the national sovereignty of the state of Turkey. Kemalism is very similar to the United States government in many ways, the obvious being that they are both democratic republics where citizens elect officials to...

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Canadian Church

Since the 1900’s, sociologists have realised from their researches that social processes go hand in hand with the technical progress. In the past Century, technology improvement and modification has been the main focus of many scientists and architectures in the bid to make buildings look more appealing with various purposes...

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Religion History Questions

1) Kemalism is dedicated to a form of Republic. The goal is to have all of the people have a voice in order for there to be solidarity and national sovereignty. There is some understanding under this protocol that the only way for a country to function in such a...

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Amish Religious Community In Indiana

There is no doubt that Amish comprise an essential element of the American identity. Especially when it comes to the Midwest region in the United States, one shall be aware of the individual aspects that characterize the religious community. Thus, to briefly introduce the content of the research paper, I...

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The Role of Religion in Colonial America

The colonization of America by the British dates back to as early as 1607 when British founded the first colony in Jamestown, Virginia. The presence of British colonizers increased over time, as did the number of colonies, such that there were over two million people living and working in thirteen...

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Primal Religions: Inferior to Today’s Religions?

Some theorists in the nineteenth century felt that primal religions were lower (i. e., inferior) forms of spiritual expression than the religions that came later in human history. Why did they believe this then, and why are such theories not as common among scholars today as they once were? Those...

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Middle Eastern Cultural and Religious Perspectives

Every culture has different beliefs and may participate in various forms of religions or practice cultural customs. The culture of Middle Eastern people is no different. Many Middle Eastern people practice Islam, and they are called Muslims. Although they may practice prayer and study the Koran, they place high value...

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Religious Freedom

The United States was founded upon the principles of freedom of religion. Our history as a country implores us to remember the importance of this right. Everyone has the right to believe in and to practice whatever religion appeals to their humanity and their souls. However, in recent years, there...

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Asian Religions

The debate on whether Confucianism and Daoism are religions or philosophies is a complicated one. On one hand, both have central texts, rituals, and codes of ethics that are shared and agreed upon by the people who practice them. Both ways of thinking have people they see as being a...

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Holy Business

Does business offer unique opportunities to serve God or does it disrespect God through its various practices, since some of them are less than spiritual? This is the focus of the book, “Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business,” by Wayne Grudem,...

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Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism

Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism are three of the most important religions in the world. They maintain a huge amount of influence and can be seen to possess crucial relationships to history and to politics. It is according to this relation to history that one can see the key differences and...

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Religions: Christian sacraments

There are many approaches that used to study Christianity as a religion. Different religious people, such as philosophers, spiritual leaders as well as convention members’ recognize the significant role played by Jesus Christ in the emergence of the early church. Christianity us characterized by faith systems, rituals, and observance, just...

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The evolution of Greek religious ideas in the late Archaic andearly Classical period

It is important to note that the Greek religion was characterized by beliefs and practices of the ancient Hellenes, which were viewed as personal, direct, and present in all aspects of life. Notably, the Greeks did not have a particular term for religion, but used terms, such as eusebeia implying...

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World Religions Discussion

The Five Pillars of IslamThe Five Pillars of Islam are the five fundamental laws for every Muslim person to obey. The “shahada” states that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet. According to the “salat,” a Muslim prays five times a day. The “zakat” is a mean...

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Certain religions like Christianity and Islam evangelize frequently, while Judaism is notoriously disinclined to conversions. How do different religions compare on the topic of converting new followers?Just as different religions differ about the nature of God, spirituality, faith, and religious behaviour, they also differ greatly on the topic of conversion,...

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