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World Religions

The evolution of Greek religious ideas in the late Archaic andearly Classical period

It is important to note that the Greek religion was characterized by beliefs and practices of the ancient Hellenes, which were viewed as personal, direct, and present in all aspects of life. Notably, the Greeks did not have a particular term for religion, but used terms, such as eusebeia implying...

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World Religions Discussion

The Five Pillars of IslamThe Five Pillars of Islam are the five fundamental laws for every Muslim person to obey. The “shahada” states that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet. According to the “salat,” a Muslim prays five times a day. The “zakat” is a mean...

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Certain religions like Christianity and Islam evangelize frequently, while Judaism is notoriously disinclined to conversions. How do different religions compare on the topic of converting new followers?Just as different religions differ about the nature of God, spirituality, faith, and religious behaviour, they also differ greatly on the topic of conversion,...

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