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World Religions

Religion and Health Care

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath taken by all doctors following the completion of their studies; its principles are considered to be the “expression of ideal conduct for the physician” (Tyson, 2001). With the changes to modern healthcare and the requirement of individuals to adhere to the requests of their...

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Philosophy of Religion

In his book, A Common Faith, Dewey defines religious as the oppositional gulf between the traditional organized religion and the modern advances in science. He differentiates it from religion by defining religion as the, “recognition of the part of human of some unseen higher power as having authority of his...

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Nichiren Buddhism

Recently, I visited a SGI Buddhist Community Center and learned more than I ever expected about Nichiren Buddhism. It is a sect of Buddhism that follows the instructions of Nichiren, a Buddhist monk who resided in Japan during the thirteenth century (Who is Nichiren Daishonin?). When I attended the service...

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Jewish Synagogue Service

The project I undertook was to visit a service at a synagogue and interact with a member of that congregation. I selected this particular faith and service because it is one with which I am largely unfamiliar, and I wanted to gain at least an initial insight into how a...

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Eastern Religions

I really enjoyed this class, because it gave me a better appreciation and understanding for the origins and beliefs that were at play in the establishment of various religions in China and India. While I was aware of these worldviews before, I had not ever been very exposed to how...

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