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World War 1

The Great War

Before the Great War, empires and kingdoms, such as United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, Canada, Soviet Union, and many other countries and independent territories never appreciated the important of peace and security in socio-cultural, economic, and political development. The ideas of the people affected play an important role in...

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A Review of George Browne’s An American Soldier in World War I

An American Soldier in World War I is not a typical monograph about the horrors of the First World War. Snippets of George Browne’s preserved letters to his beloved, Martha, form the basis of the book and they’re connected by the editor, David Snead’s, overarching commentary. Together, they paint a...

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America Before and After World War One

World War One was the biggest conflict the world had ever seen. In Europe, there were millions of casualties, and America’s decision to engage in warfare had many effects on U.S. soil, even though no fighting occurred there. There were several characteristics in terms of politics, social structure, and economics...

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WWI European Theatre Map

The Great War or the First World War differs significantly from the Second World War as far as geography is concerned. The First World War was an international conflict that affected the European nations between the years of 1914 and 1918. The war was mainly fought in Europe, Middle East,...

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World War 1 DBQ Essay

During World War 1, there was a conflict between the political rhetoric and economic necessity faced by Woodrow Wilson. The core of the conflict  was the fact that while Woodrow Wilson stated in his address to the Congess on April 2, 1917 that "The world must be made safe for democracy”...

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