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World Wide Web

Website Review

Nearly every organization these days has a website, in order to spread its message, provide information and promote its policies. This paper will look at four websites, designed to discuss health issues. The American Sexual Health Association’s website, discusses, as per the name of the organization, sexual health. It discusses...

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The Shallows What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains Summary

Nicholas Carr addresses his view of how the internet is affecting society in his book, The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to Our Brains. His goal is to show that the growing use of digital technology and the internet is affecting one’s ability to read, to pay attention, and...

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Netflix VOD

Outline of Paper The purpose of this paper is to assess Netflix. Specifically, the paper will examine the video on demand industry, its pros and cons, and the extent by which Netflix works within it. Moreover, the paper will delve into how the company's profitability has increased since its initial...

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Internet Search Engines

Internet search engines have become the go-to for all scholarly inquiries as the speed and efficiency of finding the answer that is being sought within moments appeals to the very human desire for immediate gratification. People have turned to Google and Bing, for example, as their primary sources for information...

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Hotbot Search Engines

Historically, HotBot, founded in the summer of 1996, was a metasearch engine designed to acquire information from the World Wide Web. In its prime, it grew to become a popular tool which provided its search results from databases provided from the Inktomi Corporation and directories from Mozilla and LookSmart from...

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