“Never talk to a stranger at all time!” a mother told her daughter in the park. Does this sound familiar? Do you remember hearing this when you were little? There is a significant reason why mothers tend to say that to their kids. Human trafficking is one of the major global crimes of all. Victims, especially kids, can be taken easily without knowing how dangerous to talk to strangers. That small chat could be the pathway to leave their homes forever.
Human trafficking happens in all countries around the world; Hong Kong is one of them. The authors expressed that “according to a United State government report, Hong Kong has failed to improve its ability to combat human trafficking” (Lee and Carvalho, 2016). There are three Tiers on the Watch List; Tier 1 is the highest ranking, Tier 2 is worse, and Tier 3 is the most serious of all. Hong Kong recently has been downgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in 2009. That means Hong Kong has been losing the ability in fighting with human trafficking. A human rights lawyer, Particia Ho, “challenges the government over its failure to pass laws protecting victims of forced [labor] and human trafficking” (Lee and Carvalho, 2016).

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I strongly believe that there should be laws to restrict human trafficking in all countries. If that can be laws that would be affective in all countries, then all victims from all countries around the world can be protected. For example, if victims have been held on in Africa and flew to China, let’s say, then when they escape and seek help in there, the law enforcement in China can hold the victims in protection and contact their families. Those who committed the crime cannot escape because of the different laws in different countries anymore This gives legal authority for law enforcement in all countries to enact the laws and stop this global crime altogether. I am sure as a team across countries, human trafficking can be prevented.