If you are thinking of using WordPress in developing your website, you join the top 35% of the world hosting their sites on the platform. The platform has been regarded as one of the best for bloggers. It is extremely user friendly, easy to customize, and will not require a single coding line to set up.

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WordPress Plugins For Effective Blogging

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While WordPress is similar to many other website development platforms, it comes with a unique advantage that endears it to users. It offers an endless range of plugins to enhance your user experience. Most of these plugins are free.

As a blogger, not all plugins will enhance your experience. Depending on what you are looking for in a website, some will serve the purpose while others are to be ignored. After all, you cannot add all plugins available on the internet onto one website.

That said, here are the best plugins for an effective blogging platform.

Yoast SEO

It opens the list because it has an incredible installation count. More than 5 million websites are using the Yoast SEO. It helps your website to rank higher during search. Admittedly, higher ranking is the target for every blogger.

Yoast gives you some of the most amazing benefits including

  • Increasing traffic from Bing, Google, and social media
  • Running checks and optimizing your keywords, their synonyms, and other pages that will enhance ranking
  • Providing comprehensive information that helps Google to know what your website is all about
  • Providing a comprehensive review of your page to enhance your marketing campaign

Yoast SEO will also help you to deal with duplicate content, perform readability test, give full control of breadcrumbs. It words with the different WordPress editors to clean your content. Because the plugin is updated regularly, these features are sharpened by the day. The free version is quite efficient but a few dollars on the premium version will give you an excellent blogging experience.


A lot of attention today is on cyber security for bloggers. Jetpack is built to enhance loading speed while also guaranteeing security. Because of increased security and speed, you will enjoy more traffic to your website. For bloggers, this plugin has more to offer including

  • 24/7 web security, raising customers’ confidence in your website. It is especially important when you are combining blogging with ecommerce. It allows you to restore any data that may be lost in the cost of upgrade or daily operations.
  • Storage space- the plugin offers unlimited space to backup your data. All the articles, raw materials, and drafts you have for your website have a safe storage space.
  • Better protection against malware, spam, and bruteforce, among other sources of attack. It will monitor your data and website even during downtime so that no harm comes your way.

Jetpack also offers hustle-free web migration, easy site maintenance, and better overall site performance. Because of these features, your audience maintains focus on your content and not the ads.

Google Analytics Dashboard

More than 2 million bloggers have installed this plugin for a reason. It provides the data you need to keep your website on top of every search and increase business potential. The data is extensive and precise, helping you to make the best business decisions.

Why do bloggers love Google Analytics Dashboard?

  • It is easy to use and provides actionable analysis
  • It keeps you ahead of your competition, especially by providing data on overall web activities in your area of interest.
  • Data is easy to track. A single click provides acres of data that is also clean and precise. You do not require prior or advanced IT knowledge to effectively use the plugin.
  • It provides an effortless integration into your website. One of the biggest challenges with plugins is having them to fit into your development and usage synchrony. Google Analytics Dashboard fits in with other plugins to guarantee a seamless experience.

With Google Analytics Dashboard, you have all the data you need to make digital marketing decisions. It helps you to direct traffic and align your campaigns in such a way that you spend efficiently.

WordPress plugin provide the best experience to website admin and visitors. With the right plugins, your website will receive incredible traffic, be easy to monetize, and deliver the best value for money. Interestingly, most of these plugins are free.