Non- Western Dance
None western dance is unique in various aspects based on its mode of information passage and display (Dils 5). The unique information relay and stage delivery is one of the elements which was more attractive or likeable on the non- western dance video view.

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Reasons for liking the Unique Information Relay and Stage Delivery
As much as dance is considered by many as a leisure activity, it is essential to note that in some situations both learning and entertainment dance is used as a major communication. The patterns and demonstrations deployed non- western dance brings out easy understanding of the theme. In addition, this non – western dance mostly from the Africa region create a positive rhyme or match to the occasion such as celebrations, sports and other social events thus form the much needed link. The stage delivery of all the non – western dance videos was superb and unique. These qualities were picked from the vigor nature, good stage coverage and ability to form the required patterns on the stage.

Most of the non – western dances deployed a vigorous stage performance which is not a common undertaking in many dance styles; the ability to keep high tempo and flexible dance styles on stage is another element which could not go unnoticed (Sadie Belly Dance). The non – western dance deployed the suspense which was awesome due to the fact that it left most of the audience gazing what the dance were to bring next. Second the suspense aspect also played a massive role in maintaining the concentration of the audience since none could tell the end point of the dance story.

Specific Reasons for Liking the Dance Information Relay and Stage Delivery
Relaying information through dance requires high levels of organization, mastering and accurate delivery. This is because information has a logical flow which must come out clear. It essential to note the non – western dance relayed flowing information which could be understood even without any music or words. This pointed attracted a lot of attention thus indicating the preparedness of the dance crews before stage delivery. Even with good mastering of the information logical flow, the demonstrations and styles needed. It is important to note that controlling the dance tempo is one way of achieving accuracy and full dance success. The non – western dances score high on this as the dancers had good control of the stage such as going vigor when it was necessary slowing when necessary. This indicated that dances were meant to pass the information or entertain in unique ways but perfectly without any disruption of message distortion. The flexibility of the dancers on the stage was a major specific reason for liking the stage delivery of non – western dancers. Some of the flexible moves looked difficult but the expertise of the dancers made such moves look simple and enjoyable to watch.

It is important to note that dancers are expected to keep the audience or anybody to watch the recorded dance to the stage or screen. The uniqueness of information relay, flexible moves and the vigor followed by accurate change of stage mood captured the audience which was a plus to the dancers. Watching the dancers moves create much attention leading to high concentration so as to avoid losing any point. The suspense aspect created by the dance was also a major reason for liking the stage delivery, this because it left the audience yearning more such performance from the crew.

What the Dancers were trying to Communicate
Just pointed out at the introductory stage, non – western dances are developed or designed to pass certain information and entertain based on occasion or environment. The information to be communicated is expected to come out clearly to the audience get the full meaning and entertainment from the entire performance. Based on the two non – western dances videos viewed, the first which was the Sadie Bell Dance had two categories of information. The two pieces of information passed were clear entertainment message calling the audience to a great enjoyment and second one being uniqueness of the Sadie Belly dance. The entertainment message was meant to get the audience to a joyful mood so as to enjoy the moves taken by the dancers fully. On the uniqueness of the Sadie Belly Dance the message passed was that the dance had unique ways of delivery and it required specific moves of high flexibility to help twist the waist and move the belly smoothly.

The second non – western dance was the Adowa Dance from Ghana a West African country. This dance displayed a strong message of cultural diversity and the strong nature of the Ghanaian people. This was picked from the unique costumes, diet display through a few food stuffs and the vigorous moves involved (Adowa Dance). Based on the long duration taken by the dance, the endurance aspect was also passed to the audience thus telling them that endurance was part of West African life style. At the same it portrayed endurance as a major tool towards successful dance achievement. Based on the delivery, it is clear that the dancers operated on a well-developed script. This explained by the calculated moves, good timing of changes and occasion or message matching costume. Dancing as an art requires element of unique delivery as portrayed by non- western dances, this implies that both the trainers and the dancers developed clear understanding the requirements and brought them out with great originality.