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WWII history

Nazi System

The phenomenon of Nazi system’s power over the large masses of population remains to be a surprise for many people, who do not entirely understand the system of influences, which was built by Nazis in Germany and which allowed them to have total control over all areas of life of...

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The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

There were high hopes from many that the Treaty of Versailles would bring about a lasting peace in the world and that World War I would be "the war to end all wars." However, that proved to not be the case. There were several reasons for the treaty's ultimate failure....

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European History: Leadership

Hitler’s tyrannical power lay in his position as a state leader (Reich President), head of government (Reich Chancellor), and leader of the Nazi political party (Fuehrer). Based on the principle of “Fuehrer,” Hitler had the final say in all matters pertaining to legal state policy; Hitler had the power to...

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World War II Filipino Veterans

In 1941 when World War II began, President Roosevelt called to arms people of all backgrounds to fight for the country. Among the ones that heeded the call were over 250,000 Filipino soldiers (Laqua 120). They made the ultimate sacrifice. They fought as American soldiers in the U.S. Army forces...

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Night: Conflict Chart

Directions: Use the chart below to record examples of the different types of conflict you read about in Night CONFLICT EXAMPLE FROM THE TEXT CHANGE IN ELIE CHARACTER VS. NATURE Pages 92-98 Several scenarios are present in chapter 6 and 7. They include the following; Prisoners were using their fellows’...

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