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WWII history

Causes Of World War 2 Essay

World War II resulted from a series of issues, many of which were caused by World War I (previously called “The Great War”). While the roots of World War I stemmed from the move towards nationalism during the late Nineteenth Century, the roots of WWII came from the way countries...

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The Relationship Between the Global North and South

When the war Hitler created came to a close, it developed an entirely unique world order and paved the way for globalization. This is not based on the rise of the Internet or a desire to learn world cultures, but for cold hard cash. Companies are now multinational and if...

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The Decisive Battle of the Bulge

Germany’s last major offensive of World War II, the offensive in the Ardennes, or what has become known colloquially as the “Battle of the bulge” was Germany’s final gamble to try and defeat the armies in the west and thereby force either their outright surrender or at minimum an armistice...

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Did The Churches Collaborate With Or Resist The Nazi Regime?

Summarize in your own words how the churches responded to Nazism. Would you be prepared to use either of the words 'resist' or 'collaborate'? In most cases the position of the church could not be defined as collaborating or resisting Nazism. The approach of the church was tough because they...

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How Important Was The Weakness Of Austria To German Unification?

Germany had never been united for many years as the attempts towards unification were always thwarted with divisions that were tribal in nature. Some regions were ruled by Bishops who were considered by the people as symbols of religious authority. Despite the territorial divisions, there was a feeling of common...

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