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WWII history

Postwar Japan And East Asia

Introduction From September of 1945 to May of 1952, seven years of the Allies’ occupation of Japan has been deemed as the most unique and auspicious occupation in the history. It was unprecedented as there was no prior cases where a developed nation actively involves involve in an extensive reform...

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Battle Analysis (Military History)

Historical background and why/how the US got involved World War II (Pacific Theater), also known as the Pacific War was fought in the Pacific region and East Asia, and it was a war that pitted Japan, which was the leader of the Axis allies against the Allied powers, led by...

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The Extent Of The Poor Tactics And Strategies That Led To The Defeat Of Hitler

Review of the volumes of literature on the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich by Allied forces during WWII fundamentally come to the same conclusions. Hitler was delusional as a military leader for one (Sunday Mercury, 2009). A major fault in Hitler’s military leadership was his belief that victory on the...

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The Role Of World War 11 In The Rise Of Women Employment

The World War is arguably one of the most monumental events that the world has experienced. Moreover, the term World War is representative of the involvement of various countries and their quest to attain their sovereignty while incorporating their social, economic, and political structures as a recognized system of governance’s....

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Propaganda and Mass Meetings in Nazi Germany

The excerpt from Mein Kampf illustrates the insight that Hitler has into creating a group or mass psyche. By bringing together the individuals who are suffering in a substandard job with a low wage and who are likely feel that they are the only one in distress creates the unity...

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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