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WWII history

Effects Chemical Weapons Had during WWI

Abstract Chemical weapons represent an interesting subject of historical analysis. They were actively used during World War One (WWI). The purpose of the present paper is to reconsider the impacts chemical warfare had on WWI. The paper includes a brief historical insight into the evolution of chemical warfare. Factors that...

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World Wars – The Impact of Visual Arts

The impact in the visual arts after both World War I and World War II are distinctive from each other. The era before World War I was the time when the Victorian Age had just ended in England and although Modernism was just beginning World War I was the catalyst...

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World War II

World war II is definitely the most destructive armed conflict in modern history. Most of the countries-participants suffered enormous losses of human lives and damage to economic development. USSR The Soviet Union suffered the heaviest losses among all the countries in the anti-Hitler coalition. The estimates of Haynes (2003) suppose...

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The White Ribbon (German film)

The award winning film by Michael Haneke shows one society, and within it - one family in a German village in the north of the country, just before the start of World War I. The primary idea, according to the director, was to show the roots of evil. Even though...

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Hitler and Structuralism

Shortly after the end of World War II, historians began to interpret the events of the Holocaust. There are two dominant schools of thought with regards to the development of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Intentionalists argue that Hitler and the upper echelons of the Nazi Party are responsible for...

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