The principle I will adopt into my life is satya or commitment to the truth. As a result of commitment to satya, I will not be afraid to ask any question, no matter how unconventional, strange, or even sacred it may be. I will also adopt an open mind towards learning which means I will freely listen to ideas, even those which contradict my own. I will also become more self conscious of personal bias so that it doesn’t prevent me from finding out objective truths.I will also listen to all sides of the story before forming my opinion. I will abstain from rushing to judgment until I have gathered as much information as possible. When we don’t pay attention to all the potential facts, the possibility of reaching the truth declines. I will also work on improving my emotional intelligence because our emotions often prevent us from seeing the facts and reduce the quality of our judgments.
I will also be careful about the sources of my information and will seek independent verification of the facts when possible. I will not be afraid to admit when I don’t know something rather than to pretend to know. I believe admitting what one doesn’t know is better than having the wrong answer. But I will also try to learn as much as possible about things I don’t know much about or very little.
I will also travel extensively and expose myself to as many diverse experiences as possible. I believe our ability to understand truths improve through experiences and wider perspectives. I will also not be afraid to experiment because some truths can only be learned and not taught. Last but not least, I will learn to put myself in others’ shoes because some truths are relative in nature.

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