In the following reflection, I would like to talk about my thoughts on youth unemployment. The group work part was very interesting, since I was able to exchange my ideas with the other members. I always find such processes enriching, as we can learn something new from each other. Furthermore, I found that many of our ideas were similar, yet they differed in how they were presented (the point of view). This was interesting for me to see.

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As for the skills, I feel that I have well-developed critical thinking and academic skills, yet would like to further improve my research skills. Searching for new information is a responsible, yet complex process. It takes up time and I am tempted to skip this part, using the first information that I find. However, I do understand that this is not a good enough tactic and I should invest myself more in looking for reliable sources of information.

When it comes to the issues that were studied, it was interesting to learn that better infrastructure that would integrate more young people into the market could substantially reduce unemployment. Aside from this, training workers would also help to reduce unemployment. These are only a few points that left me thinking hard. However, most of the ideas that were discussed within groups and beyond left me thinking about the ways in which unemployment issues could be solved. Since I am interested in social issues and would like to work for the government in the future, I find myself excited when thinking about problems like unemployment and feeling that I have the answer to resolve them.

What is also important, the seminar allowed the students to delve deeper into the various causes of unemployment. It was interesting to learn that technology is one of the reasons that the issue of unemployment is so important today. It turns out that there are always two sides to an issue.