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Well, these guys definitely proved me wrong. I wasn’t that sure about this whole writing thing at first and still gave it a try… I’m not disappointed at all. Thanks.

Bob (NC):

"Overall, I’m satisfied with the services. I still had to make some changes and adjustments, but the whole process and the communication with my writer went pretty smoothly. Will definitely come back for more help in the future."

Ram (NE):

"Even if my writer disagreed with what I said, he calmly made me understand why I should let the dissertation papers remain as they were. Later, I realized that he was right. My mentor pointed out some best parts of my dissertation and I am happy that I listened to my writer."

Jessica (MR):

“I use the website for editing services as I’m a pretty good writer myself but sometimes small mistakes still slip through. I’m quite happy that I found these guys and will be definitely sending them more editing and proofreading jobs in the future.”

Joy (MT):

"The writer assigned to me used to update me regularly which helped me to keep a constant check on the progress. I could get the alterations done in time. And I made sure that I submit the best thesis in my class."

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"I could not give much time to mypaperwriter.com for writing my dissertation. But, they assured me that I will get the dissertation before the deadline and they did not disappoint me. We have to trust sometimes."

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"The customer care support system of mypaperwriter.com is superb. They patiently answered my queries and gave me satisfactory solutions. If I wrote my thesis myself, I would have panicked for sure."

Garret (NY):

"Where do I start..? Well, I had to write a thesis and it was like the worst nightmare for me starting from choosing the topic to writing the proposal and the whole thing in the end. But with the help of this website everything turned out quite ok, though there were some bumps on the way."

Nitish (TX):

"Not a native speaker myself so I needed these guys to help me. Thanks, I couldn’t do it myself."

Lucy (TN):

"I could have never scored good marks had I not got my thesis written from mypaperwriter.com. The writer assigned to me was very gentle to me. I had been quite weak in economics since school. But, he never got disappointed at my shortcomings. In fact, he made me understand what I could not comprehend. I could not have been more satisfied with their services."

Demi (KS):

"I was given sufficient revision time free of cost to check my research paper. This facility helped me get the minor changes done in time and I was able to score better marks. It becomes really easy to manage a difficult task when the writer works with you as a team."

Doris (FL):

“Fast and efficient turn-around. Thanks for making good papers happen.”

Amy (CO):

"My mentor is very happy with my work…oops…the work of mypaperwriter.com. They wrote a brilliant thesis for me. I cannot thank them enough. Though my teacher pointed out some minor flaws in the work, but even that proved be beneficial for me. She believed that I had written that thesis!"

Jeremy (PA):

“Thanks for the paper guys. I know it was a short notice and I’m grateful you came through.”

Hank (AZ):

"I could interact with several writers and choose the one I found appropriate even before I placed the order. And he turned out to be well qualified to write my economics dissertation. He researched thoroughly for the dissertation and then, started the work. I was being updated regularly."

Brook (LA):

"My papers were appreciated by my mentor very much. My teachers always thought that I would not be able to score good marks. But, I did work hard when my exams were approaching and I knew that I would get distinction. But, I did not have time to write my dissertation. Mypaperwriter.com took the pains on my behalf and I performed well in all the arenas."

Burt (MO):

"I read the dissertation that they wrote for me and researched on internet thoroughly to check that it is genuinely written from scratch. And, the results were positive. Even if I had written it myself, the dissertation would not have come out like this. Now I know that the experts of this company work up to the expectations of the clients, in fact more than they expect."

Stephan (IL):

"I could not get this quality of essay in such reasonable prices anywhere else. I was short of money as well as time when I had to submit my papers. I had heard of this website and I browsed for placing an order for my research paper. They gave me the best price in market."

Alec (CT):

"I got my first job in my dream company because the resume written by mypaperwriter.com played a major role in it. As they say, “First impression is the last impression.” I did not have to face many tough questions in the interview. (I also took practice rounds for the interview with my friends!) Everything collaborated and I got what I had always dreamt of."

Sherry (WY):

"The best part about this company is that they deliver your work on time. It saves a lot of trouble of course. I had placed an order for some papers with another company once. But, they failed to deliver on time. And, it was useless after the time had slipped from my hand. That is why; on time delivery was the foremost priority for me this time."

Tim (PA):

"I did not have to argue with my writer for the changes I wanted. She patiently listened to me and made the required modifications. I have seen writers becoming stubborn with whatever they write. They would not listen to you. But, the writer assigned to me by mypaperwriter.com was very calm and placid."

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Working with the expert you selected for me was an unforgettable experience. Thanks.

Amelia, Denver, CO


Great job on my essay. So glad I gave this task to someone so professional. Kudos to you.

Mason, Albuquerque, NM


Thank u for coming up with a well researched paper for me. Got it before the set date btw

Julian, Portland, OR

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