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113 Great Annotated Bibliography Topics for 2023

Annotated Bibliography Topics

Bibliographies are often introduced at the university, but there are times when you might have to deal with this as early as high school. An annotated bibliography is a detailed list of articles, books, and documents followed by a short paragraph that give the reader relevance to the sources you have cited in a written assignment.

Annotations give “extra information” that does not fit the main text but may still be interesting to the reader or give credibility to your claims. Some of the more famous annotated bibliography topic examples include Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, and Winston Churchill’s Collected Speeches.

How to Write a Bibliographic Essay

Bibliographies are important because they tell your reader where you got your information from and help your argument by pointing to research studies that back up your claims. There are formats that you should use for each type of source (e.g., book, encyclopedia, magazine, etc.). Here are five simple steps to write a great bibliographic essay:

Step 1) Establish Your Topic and Start Your Research

Before you start researching your topic, you need to clearly define it so that you know what resources you should looking for online and at the library. Don’t choose a topic that is too broad or too narrow. You need to consider the amount of time you have to complete the assignment and the resources you have available to you.

Step 2) Organize Your Notes with Exceptional Details

When students take research notes they often focus on accurate quotes, facts, and figures. But they will overlook taking a detailed citation of the resources used to find that information. Unless you buy research papers from professional writers, keep a notebook dedicated to just this assignment or have notecards that take all of info you need for an accurate citation.

Step 3) Write the First Draft and Then Check for Accuracies

All citations should be ordered alphabetically and include the complete publication information. As stated above, this includes authors, editors, titles, publication cities, dates, and page numbers according to the requirements for each type of resource and style guide. Write your first draft of your essay with your annotated notes. This will help you go back and make corrections when you revise, edit, and proofread.

Step 4) Format Your Citations Utilizing the Proper Style

Each citation should include accurate information pointing to the author, title, date, source, and publisher of the source you have used to back up your claims. There are three major citation styles, including, APA, Chicago, and MLA. Make sure you check with your instructor to know which style you must use for your assignment.

Step 5) Ask a Colleague to Double-Check Your Work

Many students wait too long before starting their assignments, which often takes away the chance to have a colleague double-check your assignment. The topics for annotated bibliography cannot be overlooked. You need to ensure you follow the right format for your discipline (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).

List of Annotated Bibliography Topics

There is a lot of confusion that can come from having to come up with. It doesn’t matter what discipline you study or what subjects interest you the most. Annotated bibliography topic ideas can be hard to come by, which is the reason we had our experts put together an extensive list of good annotated bibliography topics for a variety of disciplines so that you don’t have to stress over developing ones of on your own. All these ideas are great for college and university-level courses and are available for free. Share them with friends and other students if you feel they are also struggling to come up with annotated bibliography essay topics to write about:

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Nursing

This kind of assignment requires you to provide a full overview the topic you have researched and written about in your assignment. The following annotated bibliography ideas are a great place to start:

  1. Improving nursing care.
  2. Patient-nurse relationships.
  3. Communication skills in nursing.
  4. Neglecting elderly patients.
  5. Reporting to doctors effectively.
  6. Getting a nursing degree.
  7. Impact of Covid-19 on nursing.
  8. Nursing outlook in 2023.
  9. Technology and nursing methods.
  10. Professional development in nursing.
  11. Specialized areas in the nursing field.

annotated bibliography topics

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Psychology

Coming up with bibliography topics for a psychology can be tough because there are so many subjects to discuss. You can find many online, but this collection of ideas should inspire great work:

  1. Sexual abuse in teenagers.
  2. Mental disturbances among children.
  3. Eating disorders in teenagers.
  4. Body shaming and confidence.
  5. Cyberbullying and mental health.
  6. Covid-19 and mental health.
  7. Social distancing and mental health.
  8. Racism, bias, and discrimination.
  9. Stress levels at the workplace.
  10. Impact of financial stress.
  11. Psychology in the 21st

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Sociology

A topic for annotated bibliography in this subject should be descriptive and critical. It should provide additional information that a reader can use to put the cited information in context:

  1. Teenage behavior in schools.
  2. Mental disorders in low socio-economic areas
  3. Technology and social gatherings.
  4. Modern types of bullying.
  5. Individuality in young people.
  6. Self-awareness in student groups.
  7. Local sports and social gatherings
  8. Ethnicity and the community.
  9. Art and culture in neighborhoods.
  10. The ethics of animal testing.
  11. Local recycling programs.

Annotated Bibliography Topics for English

Despite these being easy annotated bibliography topics, you should always communicate your point of view and complement the content you cite in your research paper:

  1. Shakespeare’s influence on modern language.
  2. Impact of global literature in creative writing.
  3. Encouraging people to write creatively.
  4. Getting more students to read.
  5. Popular fiction and literacy.
  6. Comic books and literature.
  7. Journalism in the 21st
  8. Internet and literacy.
  9. The English literary cannon.
  10. Television’s impact on literacy.
  11. The disappearance of newsstands.

Religion Topics for Annotated Bibliography

Writing any research paper on religion requires the consideration of several good topics to write an annotated bibliography. The following list of ideas can be modified to suit several assignment requirements:

  1. Black churches in the U.S.
  2. Economics and Catholicism.
  3. The concept of heaven and hell.
  4. The history of Islam in the U.S.
  5. The Jewish diaspora.
  6. Religion in the Middle-East.
  7. Religious wars in the 21st
  8. Impact of Islam on the world.
  9. Eastern religions in the west.
  10. Religious journeys around the world.
  11. Marriage and religion.

Engineering Topics for Annotated Bibliography

At the university level, you need to make sure that you choose a topic that pushes the envelope in whatever area you are researching. Here are some ideas you can be inspired by:

  1. Climate control in buildings.
  2. Glass structures in urban areas.
  3. Traffic reduction and air pollution.
  4. Engineering in alternative energies.
  5. Architecture and urban planning.
  6. Concrete technology.
  7. Fracture and damage mechanics.
  8. Bridge design and construction.
  9. 3D printing and construction.
  10. Hybrid vehicles and pollution.
  11. Naturalistic decision making.

World History Annotated Bibliography Topics

The following annotated bibliography subjects require you to apply a variety of intellectual skills, including informed academic research, in-depth analysis, and concise and clear exposition:

  1. The 100 Years War.
  2. The French Revolution.
  3. WWI / WWII and Europe.
  4. Democracy around the World.
  5. Roman and Greek influences.
  6. Conflict in the Middle East.
  7. Religion and world history.
  8. History of the Americas.
  9. Slave trade in South America.
  10. Slavery in the United States.
  11. Diplomacy and international treaties.

Topics for Annotated Bibliography for Nutrition

The field of nutrition has grown tremendously in the last half century as more people around the U.S. want to lead healthier physical and mental lives driven by food choices. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Healthy dieting in teens.
  2. Essential minerals and vitamins.
  3. The seven types of nutrition.
  4. Eating for exercise and sports.
  5. Going vegan or vegetarian.
  6. Alternative forms of protein.
  7. Online nutrition tools.
  8. Water and overall health.
  9. Health and diabetes.
  10. Kidney disease and nutrition.
  11. Obesity and fast food.

Annotated Bibliography Business Topics

Business students should consider these topics if they want to make an impression on their professors. The best ideas are always those the explore new areas in the subject, and these accomplish this with ease:

  1. Minimum wage and profit.
  2. Trade wars in the 21st
  3. The African business sector.
  4. Investing in third world developments.
  5. Illegal trades and punishments.
  6. International business investments.
  7. Free market capitalism.
  8. Benefits and employee production.
  9. Outsourcing to reduce costs.
  10. The cost of human resources.
  11. International trade in the 21st

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Education

You don’t need to avoid fun annotated bibliography topics to write about an educational subject. You can consider any of the following to bring a little humor to your annotated bibliography:

  1. Homeschooling versus traditional schooling.
  2. Technology in the classroom.
  3. Violence in schools.
  4. Lesson planning during Covid-19.
  5. Underpaid teachers and performance.
  6. Virtual learning in higher education.
  7. The need for a higher education degree.
  8. Education in the U.K. versus education in the U.S.
  9. Quality of public education.
  10. Advantages of a private education.
  11. Resources for students with disabilities.

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Geosciences

Geosciences is a great discipline that offers a ton of opportunities for students interested in this field. These topics are interesting and original, and will make it easy to research your interests:

    • Accuracy in cartography.
    • Climate change and the environment.
    • Impact of climate change on continents.
    • Melting polar caps.
    • Climate change and natural disasters.
    • Soil science and agriculture.
    • Mineralogy and petrology.

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What is a good annotated bibliography topic?

Examples of good annotated bibliography topics can focus on strengthening nursing care, nurse-patient interactions, nursing communication abilities, elderly patients being neglected, the 21st century, and psychology.

How do you find a topic for an annotated bibliography?

You can find a topic for an annotated bibliography by picking a topic you can easily tackle. Also, consider your allotted time and space. The topic must be well-defined, precise, and clear. Choosing one area of a topic is also recommended.

What are research questions for annotated bibliography?

Some research questions for annotated bibliography include teenage eating disorders, confidence and body shaming, cyberbullying and mental health, COVID-19, mental health, and social isolation. Others you can focus on include Shakespeare’s impact on contemporary speech, global literature’s influence on creative writing, and graphic novels and writing.

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