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154 Artificial Intelligence Topics for 2023

Artificial Intelligence Topics

To write a great research paper in college, students need to choose a topic that meets assignment requirements, is interesting to them, and lays within the scope of the study being conducted. We understand that university students can struggle to narrow ideas to just the best options. Therefore, we have put together this list of ideas on artificial intelligence.

These artificial intelligence research topics can be used for free, or they can be used to inspire other AI research topics that align with your interests:

Graduate AI NLP Research Topics

AI topics related to natural language processing are one of the fastest-growing fields around the world. There are a lot of professional opportunities for students wishing to get into this industry and here are fifteen topics to consider:

  1. What advancements have been made in neural machine translation technologies?
  2. What do the next 10 years look like for natural language processing?
  3. How is sequence classification affected by human attention and responses?
  4. How much information can be stored in a single linguistics vector in AI intelligence?
  5. What challenges do artificial technologies have in the upcoming months?
  6. What can dissecting contextual word embeddings do to language representation?
  7. How much impact does the NLTK library have on artificial intelligence?
  8. How does artificial intelligence help how predictive systems?
  9. What do social media chat sites influence the way NLP research is conducted?
  10. What does NLP mean for the healthcare industry?
  11. How does the deep learning era impact how we consider communication?
  12. How do transformers impact the way we document language between computers?
  13. What does NPL mean for the future of human-to-computer interaction?
  14. What are the major research areas of NLP related to education?
  15. How has chatbot technology changed the way companies communicate with customers?

Computer Science AI Topics

Computer science goes together with artificial intelligence topics. AI stems from the years of research that came from computer science studies. We have here a list of topics that discuss this area of the subject:

  1. How has machine learning helped advance artificial intelligence in the last decade?
  2. Are artificially intelligent powered robotics a way to
  3. In what ways has deep learning influenced the trajectory of AI research?
  4. How has natural language processing changed global interaction?
  5. How can artificial intelligence impact the way we communicate with computers?
  6. What limitations does artificial learning have in the field of medicine?
  7. How has AI led to further research in robotics engineering?
  8. Can artificial intelligence incorporate veritable reinforcement learning?
  9. How has robotic AI advanced in the last decade?
  10. Will artificial intelligence make our daily lives easier?
  11. How does algorithmic game theory play into artificial intelligence?
  12. In what ways can artificial intelligence emulate human tasks?
  13. How do recommender systems impact how robots are designed?
  14. How does artificial intelligence impact machine learning?
  15. How will artificial intelligence impact the treatment of patients?

Current AI Essay Topics Technology

The following topics in artificial intelligence from My Paper Writer represent the current issues being discussed today. You should be able to find plenty of information on any topic and will have room to explore new areas:

  1. How can AI affect the way we use the internet?
  2. What impact does AI have on computer visual technologies?
  3. How does AI predict financial trends?
  4. Does artificial intelligence impact the way people trade stocks?
  5. Do film recommendations on streaming devices learn accurately?
  6. Can computer technology keep up with AI advancements?
  7. What do parallel processing systems do for AI?
  8. Why are supercomputers expensive?
  9. How does cloud computing affect parallel processing?
  10. How will AI interact with medical devices in the future?
  11. In what ways does AI impact the way media advertisements are made?
  12. Is AI the technology that companies should invest in?
  13. Will artificial intelligence technology in the home be available?
  14. How much will people have to pay for AI technology?
  15. Will AI technology change the way people communicate on the web?

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Presentation

If you are looking for artificial intelligence research paper topics for a presentation, you should consider the following ideas. Each would make an excellent choice for a 5 to 10-minute presentation:

  • What is an expert system and how does it imitate human behavior?
  • Will automation replace dangerous jobs?
  • How does artificial intelligence and robotics impact business?
  • What impact does the application of computer vision have on predictive systems?
  • How can artificial intelligence make our communities safer?
  • What does the future hold for artificial intelligence?
  • How are economics affected by AI technologies?
  • What impact will AI have on the next generation of wearable devices?
  • How will automation impact the field of medicine?
  • How has artificial intelligence changed the way consumers shop?
  • What are the major components of fuzzy logic?
  • What role does deep learning have in building intelligent systems?
  • In what ways will quantum computing improve AI?
  • How effective is predictive text on web searches?
  • How have recommender systems changed e-commerce?

Argument Debate Topics on AI

Great debates in any subject must have an interesting topic to argue for and against. Here are some AI topics for research paper to use in a debate:

  1. Should driverless vehicles be allowed in high population areas?
  2. Should large corporations embrace AI technologies?
  3. Does AI create more problems than solutions?
  4. How can we confine the behaviors of artificially intelligent robots?
  5. Is AI good for the future of education?
  6. What protections do we have against AI?
  7. What role does AI have in solving the world’s problems?
  8. How will AI improve research in other areas?
  9. Should we trust AI robots to work independently?
  10. Will AI technologies take existing human jobs?
  11. Does religion play a role in the advancement of artificial intelligence?
  12. Should AI technologies be weaponized?
  13. What artificial intelligence technologies should be prioritized?
  14. Should governments invest in AI to help developing countries?
  15. What are the dangers of using drones in combat?

Controversial Topics in AI

You should have no trouble finding information on the internet for any of these controversial issues. You should still plan on doing a lot of research to ensure you find the current info you need to write a great research paper:

  1. What is the possibility of artificial intelligence overcoming humans?
  2. What will AI do to people’s physical health?
  3. Should the international community oversee developments in AI?
  4. What are the biggest problems with AI?
  5. Can artificial intelligence cause a global war?
  6. Should we restrict the amount of AI in our daily lives?
  7. What role will AI play in the future of aeronautics?
  8. What happens if we rely too much on AI?
  9. In what ways is AI transforming the world?
  10. Can artificial intelligence make humans in the workplace obsolete?
  11. How does AI impact our daily lives?
  12. Can artificial intelligence be used in modern warfare?
  13. Will AI make people less intelligent?
  14. Are we investing too much money in AI technologies?
  15. Can AI machines replace teachers?

Advanced AI Topics for Grad Students

The following topics are more difficult than the other ones we’ve included in this collection. They are aimed toward graduate students who have several weeks to work on the project:

    1. What role will AI play in space exploration?
    2. How can AI help in deep-sea exploration?
    3. How can AI be used in schools?
    4. Is there such a thing as machine consciousness?
    5. What do most people think about AI?
    6. What are the challenges of machine learning?
    7. Does artificial intelligence make people lazier?
    8. What are the major components of deep learning?
    9. Will AI always require some human oversight?
    10. How can AI help us explore other planets?
    11. Can AI be trusted to keep our information safe?
    12. How are robots putting traditional jobs in danger?
    13. Can AI be used in satellites to reduce human navigation?
    14. What challenges do narrow AI implementations bring?
    15. How has AI changed the way people communicate?

Fifteen Hot AI Topics for 2023

These are good research topics for AI that are in the news today. Even with a lot of current information available online, you should still conduct in-depth research at the library to get accurate information from trustworthy sources:

    • What advancements can we expect in NLP?
    • How does reasoning work in robots?
    • How can AI improve the management of big data databases?
    • Can AI technologies simulate brain function?
    • What are the best-known AI failed experiments?
    • How can AI be used to better understand future programming practices?
    • What are the challenges of knowledge representation in AI?
    • Does AI have a perception of the world?
    • What is inductive logic programming?
    • What are the most beneficial uses of artificial intelligence?
    • Can we program AI how to create art?
    • How will AI change the way we raise children?
    • How has AI advanced other areas of science?
    • Can AI ever replace teachers in the classroom?
    • What is social intelligence and how does it impact AI?

Interesting Topics in AI for College Courses

One of the things you should always consider when choosing a topic is that it needs to be interesting. Your enthusiasm for the topic will come through in your writing and keep readers compelled:

  • Can AI algorithms violate our privacy?
  • What are the risks of hacking AI systems?
  • Can artificial intelligence be used to automate weapon systems?
  • Will AI robots replace the work of surgeons?
  • What can be done to prevent rebellious behavior in robots?
  • Can AI drones be trusted to conduct military strikes?
  • What impact did the Turing Test have on modern AI?
  • How can AI affect the global financial market?
  • Can AI be used in international policy decisions?
  • Will AI reduce the cost of production for large companies?
  • How will AI computers be able to reason and solve future problems?
  • Is there a philosophy behind AI design?
  • How has AI changed the engineering field?
  • How has AI been superseded by a view of its place as an engineering sub-area?
  • What will replace AI in the future?

AI Ethics Topics for 2023

The topics in AI listed below cover a wide variety of areas should you want to work in the field of ethics. Our team found some topics in artificial intelligence that deal with ethical questions and should inspire you to write a unique assignment:

  1. Do AI technologies put people’s jobs at risk?
  2. How do companies stay in control of complex intelligence systems?
  3. What does AI mean for people’s privacy?
  4. Should surgeons defer to robots with advanced intelligence systems?
  5. How will AI impact legal processes in the future?
  6. Should we trust AI to make medical decisions?
  7. Is there such a thing as “humane treatment” of artificially intelligent robots?
  8. How does one define the humane treatment of robots?
  9. Should the military use AI in warfare?
  10. What are the legal challenges of AI technologies?
  11. Who is to blame when AI makes mistakes?
  12. How is wealth redistributed when AI takes away jobs?
  13. Do corporations using AI have an obligation to provide compensation for replacing workers?
  14. Do we rely too much on AI technologies to make financial decisions?
  15. Will artificial intelligence ultimately make certain jobs obsolete?
  16. Why should we stop investing in AI technologies?
  17. What are the privacy risks of using artificial intelligence to protect our finances?
  18. Should we use AI to help anti-social behavior in adults?
  19. What are the biggest issues with allowing AI technologies in medical settings?

Five Great Writing Tips

  • Decide what is it about AI that interests you the most. Conduct a little background research online and create a list of questions you would like to explore.
  • Next, decide how to best approach your list of questions by narrowing your options to a single focused research question. This makes the assignment more manageable.
  • Research your topic in-depth and then organize your notes. Create an outline and refer to it frequently as you write the first draft.
  • Set your research paper aside for a few days before you start making revisions. You should approach this stage of writing with a fresh mind and a clear perspective.
  • Set your research paper aides for another few days before you start editing and proofreading. If you have enough time, you can ask a friend to review your work before submittal.

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