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266 Business Research Topics That Will Work Best For You

business research topics

The most important thing about writing a great research paper is choosing a great topic. In any discipline, there are countless things to learn and write about. When it comes to business topics, students must be sure they choose something that is original and interests them.

This will make the process of writing much easier. Your audience will see your enthusiasm for the topic being discussed and will enjoy your work more. Like with all research topics, we recommend you get an early start to ensure you gain access to all the resources you need to answer the question or questions thoroughly. Here are 266 business research topics for consideration:

Easy Business Topics for Research Paper

If you are just learning about this subject, and you have an important assignment coming up, you should select a topic that you easily manage. Consider any of the topics for business research papers listed below and modify them as needed to fit your specific assignment requirements:

  1. What can small businesses do to increase sales during economic downturns?
  2. How does the work environment affect employee productivity?
  3. Does a college degree guarantee success in business or does it take practical experience?
  4. Do team-building initiatives improve communication in the workplace or cause problems?
  5. What are the main causes of failure for a new business?
  6. How does a quick online customer response help a business increase revenue?
  7. What are the responsibilities and functions of business operations?
  8. How to provide professional development for employees without paying too much?
  9. What are the most important innovative technologies in business?
  10. What are the challenges of building an online presence in today’s highly competitive world?
  11. Is success in business guaranteed with a great education?
  12. Does outsourcing information technology departments help or harm businesses?
  13. How can a company improve its online reputation with a limited budget?
  14. How do business issues interlink to generate revenue in competitive markets?
  15. How does social media help promote a new business’s services and products?
  16. How can diagonal communication help in the decision-making process?
  17. How does the workplace environment affect an employee’s productivity?
  18. Should employees remain loyal or look for other opportunities at competing businesses?
  19. What are the most important needs of the consumer and how does a company address them?
  20. How can managers encourage care and concern in the workplace?
  21. What kind of competitive advantage is gained by environmental surroundings?
  22. How do team-building activities improve workplace productivity?
  23. What are the most important leadership skills to have in the 21st century?
  24. How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?
  25. What can businesses do to go “green” in order to help the environment?
  26. Why is a stable human resource department important for business?
  27. How can managers implement conflict resolution strategies to avoid employee turnover?
  28. Should businesses encourage multi-language workplaces to appeal to more customer groups?
  29. How to improve respect for others in the workplace to encourage camaraderie?
  30. Should more businesses allow people to work from home or will this harm productivity?
  31. How can the U.S. benefit from universal maternity leave for both men and women?
  32. Should large corporations be banned from operating in small towns?
  33. Why is effective leadership important in business in today’s society?
  34. What is the best method for starting a small business in the U.S.?
  35. What can managers do to improve communication in the workplace?
  36. What are the benefits of running a state-funded business?
  37. How can we support local businesses and protect them from large chain businesses?
  38. What are the biggest challenges small businesses face today?
  39. What can businesses do to encourage professional development?
  40. How does a decline in trust impact the business sector?
  41. What can be done to protect small businesses from economic downturns?
  42. How can businesses transition from traditional sales to internet sales?
  43. Should small businesses look toward investors to help build brand awareness?
  44. Should small businesses ship domestically or focus on local sales?
  45. How can one defend instances of trademark breaches?
  46. What can managers do to handle unforeseen situations?
  47. What impact does professional development have on productivity?
  48. What role should the government have in how businesses hire employees?
  49. Should all businesses maintain a social media profile to reach out to their customers?
  50. What can local governments do to help small businesses during hard times?
  51. How do you create a business plan that can help a new business venture succeed?
  52. How can businesses improve policies for disabled persons to improve retention?
  53. Can inclusive culture within organizations improve productivity?
  54. Should businesses be allowed to reject candidates that smoke to keep healthcare costs down?

Business Management Research Topics for High School

The following business research topic ideas are suitable for high school students because they can learn the processes involved with conducting online research as well as library research without feeling overwhelmed. Projects can be completed in 1 – 2 weeks, but students must start early so that they can find ample content and information to make great arguments:

  1. What is the accounting auditing process and what is its role in small business?
  2. What can businesses do to attract larger audiences?
  3. How can businesses improve the way they make internal investments?
  4. What is the best method of managing and encouraging employee retention?
  5. How can governments help companies from declaring bankruptcy?
  6. How does innovation help distinguish leaders from followers?
  7. Should companies invest in social media advertising to increase brand awareness?
  8. How much does effective leadership play into a business’s success?
  9. How can businesses exploit the labor market post-Covid-19 to improve profit?
  10. What role does the government play in keeping companies from going out of business?
  11. How can businesses move ahead of their competitors?
  12. What can a business do to ensure remote employees work hard?
  13. Can managers develop leadership skills through personal improvement?
  14. What impact has digital technology had on business?
  15. What impact do NDAs have on employment?
  16. What are some of the most common termination agreements?
  17. What are the challenges of hiring remote employees?
  18. Should companies use consultants and focus groups to understand their customers?
  19. How do contract laws apply to business transactions?
  20. What are the most effective legal approaches to defend product liabilities?
  21. Is merging better for a business than being acquired?
  22. How do credit lines affect small businesses and their growth?
  23. Should the government require companies to pay back financial bailouts?
  24. What impact do contract laws have on a business’s success?
  25. What can businesses do to safeguard against surprise events?
  26. Why should businesses aim to provide original services instead of copying others?
  27. How do racial discrimination and gender insensitivity affect a business?
  28. Should businesses make contracts compulsory?
  29. Should the U.S. government bailout businesses facing financial difficulties?
  30. Why should businesses use social media to promote their products and services?
  31. Are e-sports the next big industry?
  32. Are financial incentives the best way to motivate employees?
  33. Should businesses provide childcare services for their employees?
  34. Are automated messages effective customer service tools?
  35. Which countries offer the best opportunities for small businesses?
  36. Are companies paying CEOs too much?
  37. Which states offer the best opportunities for small businesses?
  38. Should businesses provide paternity leave for their male employees?
  39. Should businesses get involved with community charity work?
  40. Is a performance-based pay system a great way of motivating employees?
  41. Is the gender pay gap in business unfair?
  42. Are chatbots effective customer service tools?
  43. How does gender discrimination affect a company’s growth potential?
  44. Does the gender pay gap exist in the U.S.?
  45. Are big-box chain stores killing local businesses?
  46. What impact do YouTube and Twitter have on a company’s success?
  47. Is the current basic requirement for weekly vacation in the U.S. adequate?
  48. Is becoming a franchisee a good business opportunity?
  49. Why do businesses use subliminal messages to market products?
  50. What can a business do to protect customers from low-quality products?
  51. What is the relationship between quality and profit?
  52. How can communities help change companies’ environmental impact?
  53. How can a company implement policies to prevent gender discrimination?
  54. Should businesses be allowed to market products and services to children?

business research topics

Business Management Research Paper Topics for College

The following business research topics for college students are for people that have taken at least a couple of courses on this subject. They will require much more library research and should take a bit longer to complete:

  1. How do small businesses handle marketing to grow brand awareness?
  2. Should companies use market value catalogs or lower cost catalogs?
  3. How does one create a business model in today’s world?
  4. How does international infrastructure impact businesses?
  5. How effective are different types of advertisement styles for businesses?
  6. What is the best method to resolve conflicts at work?
  7. How can business owners advance their businesses a generation ahead?
  8. What impact do specific types of advertisements have on consumer behavior?
  9. How does computer-mediated communication influence consumer behavior?
  10. What are the most effective business models for the 21st century?
  11. How can business owners minimize internal conflicts?
  12. What are the negative effects of overworking employees?
  13. What effect of branding and marketing the sales of goods?
  14. What are the differences in management styles between men and women?
  15. Is mismanagement the leading cause for the failure of a business?
  16. How is employee performance impacted by gender discrimination?
  17. How can we implement a universal maternity leave policy in the U.S.?
  18. What impact is e-commerce having on the current world economy?
  19. What impact does organizational environmental pollution have on a business?
  20. What effect does globalization have on small-scale industries?
  21. How does social intelligence affect a company’s performance?
  22. What are the processes involved in symmetrical communication?
  23. Why is efficient time management important for an organization’s survival?
  24. How to use government programs to start a new business?
  25. How are business negotiations affected by intercultural communication styles?
  26. What is the importance of avoiding copyrights that imitate competing products?
  27. What are the most important government programs for small businesses?
  28. Should business owners trust transactions using cryptocurrency?
  29. How to create a great sales pitch to attract investors?
  30. What are the business consequences of excessive work?
  31. Is outsourcing a company’s IT function a cost-effective option?
  32. How did the pandemic affect the way a business handles telework?
  33. Should small businesses receive bailouts during economic downturns?
  34. Can brick and mortar businesses survive in the age of online purchases?
  35. What impact does gender discrimination have on a business’s success?
  36. What can companies do to reduce corporate pollution?
  37. How does total quality management affect customer satisfaction?
  38. What are the differences between business communication and general communication?
  39. Should large companies invest more to assist interns land well-paying jobs?
  40. How do companies benefit from outsourcing work?
  41. Should companies be allowed to track their employees’ online activities?
  42. How can parents teach their children about finances?
  43. Should managers have the right to monitor their employees’ work emails?
  44. Should companies allow their employees to work from home?
  45. Is it right for companies to filter social media sites to keep employees productive?
  46. Should companies that receive bailouts be held more accountable?
  47. What can small companies do to avoid declaring bankruptcy?
  48. Should companies pay outsourced employees higher wages?
  49. What is the most effective way of managing risk in a 24-hour economy?
  50. Should employees have the right to use their private emails at work?
  51. What are the effects of providing free professional development at work?
  52. Should customers have the right to report mistreatment of businesses that are lying to consumers?
  53. How can businesses help solve the problem of unemployment?
  54. Why are certain businesses recession-proof while others can face ruin?

Business Research Topics for MBA Students

Of all the business research paper topics we have included in this collection of ideas, these are probably the hardest. Students writing about these topics should have fine-tuned research and writing skills as well as a solid background in research. They will require a lot of work and are designed to fit a long project such as a midterm or a final research paper:

  1. Do all businesses make sales and how can businesses of different sizes increase sales?
  2. Why is it important for students to pursue an MBA degree?
  3. What is the most effective way of evaluating an employee’s performance?
  4. How to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace?
  5. How much of a problem is age discrimination?
  6. Why is developing trust and keeping promises important in business ethics?
  7. Is it incumbent on employees to continue their professional development?
  8. Why is gender insensitivity a key component of a positive work environment?
  9. What are some examples of racial discrimination still in existence today?
  10. What makes a business non-essential according to the federal government?
  11. How does age discrimination affect the workplace?
  12. Are office parties a waste of time and money?
  13. What are the best ways to motivate employees?
  14. How effective are billboard advertisements for local businesses?
  15. Should companies pay for ongoing technical training for their employees?
  16. How can the U.S. benefit from making maternity leave mandatory?
  17. How are modern work environments different today than 10 years ago?
  18. Is it still a good idea to pay for print advertisements in newspapers?
  19. Are company retreats effective ways of building teamwork?
  20. How do companies prevent corporate abuse?
  21. What are the pros and cons of having employees from different generations in the workplace?
  22. How can employers avoid workplace discrimination?
  23. What role does leadership play in business?
  24. What role does social media have in promoting a new business?
  25. What are the biggest challenges that HR professionals face?
  26. What can managers do to ensure positive relationships among employees?
  27. How important is modernized leadership in today’s business world?
  28. What is the ideal percentage a company should invest in internet advertisements?
  29. Is a merger the best option for growing a business?
  30. How can employers encourage loyalty from their workers?
  31. Are entrepreneurs adequately prepared to run a business in the 21st century?
  32. How does corporate law help companies practice ethically?
  33. How did the global pandemic affect small businesses?
  34. Are performance reviews effective tools that can be used to improve productivity?
  35. Why do different-sized businesses succeed or fail when they hire certain types of managers?
  36. What do companies look for in a leader?
  37. How is management different across cultures?
  38. Why has internet advertising become so popular in the last decade?
  39. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing a workforce?
  40. Are end-of-year bonuses effective in developing employee loyalty?
  41. Why is English considered the international language of business?
  42. How is business different in developing countries?
  43. How do leadership changes impact an employee’s productivity?
  44. What are the challenges of allowing people to work from home?
  45. Can a person become an entrepreneur without having an MBA degree?
  46. Which types of transactions affect both a company’s revenues and its expenses?
  47. How can companies avoid fraud and unauthorized use of funds?
  48. What are the cheapest emerging countries to invest in?
  49. What impact do startups have on the local economy?
  50. Do business leaders need to learn a foreign language to succeed?
  51. Why is franchising a good business decision for owners?
  52. How can managers encourage employee training?
  53. What are the most effective ways of protecting non-essential workers?
  54. Can businesses profit from international military conflicts?

More Interesting Business Topics for All Levels

The following business topics to write about cover a wide variety of topics and are great for students at all educational levels. Some will be tougher than others, so be sure to start your research early so that you have time to write several drafts before your deadline:

  1. Does age discrimination affect the success of a business?
  2. Should business owners invest in buying properties?
  3. What are some of the environmental protection laws that affect businesses?
  4. What were the ethical questions about Trump’s businesses benefiting from taxpayer dollars?
  5. What are the business benefits of using NDAs to keep information private?
  6. What are the current trends in consumer behavior in the 21st century?
  7. What are the biggest challenges of owning a family business?
  8. Should marijuana-based businesses be given government bailouts?
  9. How do businesses prevent employees from joining rival companies?
  10. Have business corruption cases increased or decreased during Covid-19?
  11. Should government officials be involved in the corporate business?
  12. What laws protect employees from random drug checks?
  13. How do copyright laws affect small business enterprises?
  14. What is the role of moral principles in the decision-making process?
  15. How do NDAs help protect companies in the short term and long term?
  16. What are the most important qualities of project management?
  17. Why does the government prevent businesses from monopolizing?
  18. Should honesty policies be mandatory at work?
  19. What are the fundamentals of innovation management?
  20. What roles do ethics and social responsibility mean for entrepreneurship?
  21. How does the U.S. differ in international trading techniques?
  22. How does commercial real estate impact a company’s success?
  23. What are some of the challenges of strategic management in the public sector?
  24. How do global companies use internet marketing?
  25. Why do consumer behaviors change during hard economic times?
  26. How can companies be financially stable during recessions?
  27. What are the differences between strategic management and financial management?
  28. Why is it important to encourage more companies to hire female leadership?
  29. How does culture affect management perspective?
  30. What are some of the ways global businesses can be sanctioned?
  31. Do customer loyalty programs help retention?
  32. What impact does culture have on advertisements?
  33. How should managers use innovative strategies for team building?
  34. What are the most effective ways of managing organizational behavior?
  35. What are the leading global business languages?
  36. What are the ethical codes that successful businesses follow?
  37. What are the most important tools for a successful project?
  38. What are the biggest risks with online transactions for a small business?
  39. Why are diplomacy and negotiation important in business?
  40. Do customer loyalty programs increase a company’s revenues?
  41. What are some of the laws protecting marijuana-based businesses?
  42. How do property rates in New York affect small businesses with limited resources?
  43. What are the biggest challenges of calculating business risks during a pandemic?
  44. Why do we need negotiation laws in international trade?
  45. How has consumerism changed since Covid-19 and how can business recover?
  46. What are the most successful brands to build a business model around?
  47. What are the differences between offline and online advertising techniques?
  48. What are the differences in international copyright laws?
  49. How does an owner design a highly productive organization?
  50. Should businesses allow employees to drink on the job?

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What is an example of a research topic in business?

An example of a research topic in business can be how small businesses can boost sales during a downturn in the economy and the workplace environment’s impact on workers’ productivity. Other potential examples include whether business success is guaranteed by a college degree or whether it also requires real-world experience.

What are good business research topics?

Some good business research topics include how professional development for staff members can be provided at an affordable cost and which cutting-edge corporate technology is most significant. It can also be the difficulties in creating an internet presence today.

What are some topics to do a research paper on for a business class?

First, you can ask how small firms manage marketing to drive brand recognition, whether businesses should utilize higher-priced catalogs or ones with a market value, and, in the modern world, how does one develop a company model? Others include global infrastructure’s effects on businesses and the most effective way to settle disputes at work.

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