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223 Best Educational Research Topics To Get A+

educational research topics

You will be writing a lot of research papers during your time in college. You must learn how to consider several education topics before selecting one that is neither too broad nor too narrow. You can find several good ideas from classroom lectures, assigned readings, and the internet.

You must choose something you find interesting so that your enthusiasm comes through in your writing. We have put together a list of 223 popular educational research topics for your consideration.

Educational Research Topics for College Students

The following educational research topics for college students are great for a project that requires a few weeks to complete. Resources are available at the library, and you should be able to find plenty of background information online:

  1. Attention-deficit disorder and the challenges educators face in the classroom.
  2. Focus reform efforts within schools instead of educators.
  3. How should parents prepare to pay for the rising cost of college tuition?
  4. Can professional development techniques be used to teach children?
  5. The effectiveness of professional skill development at the high school level.
  6. Education is the result of the efforts of more than just schools.
  7. What is the most effective way of grading a school’s performance?
  8. Compare and contrast concept-building versus memorization in public schools.
  9. Challenges of staff development in a school’s environment.
  10. Evaluate different learning capabilities of students at the high school level.
  11. Exploring teacher development in classes with special needs children.
  12. Should schools reduce the workday to help with teachers’ mental health?
  13. Should students be required to evaluate their teachers?
  14. Using WYMIWIG to evaluate school programs more accurately.
  15. Should collegiate athletes receive compensation for their performance?
  16. How can students become bigger stakeholders in their academic journey?
  17. Can shortening the hours of a school day help students retain information more efficiently?
  18. Explain the impact of family interactions on a child’s academic performance.
  19. Compare and contrast the different types of bullying and their effects on learning.
  20. How do different models of discipline impact extra-curricular achievements in grade school?
  21. The impact of different parenting styles on a student’s performance.
  22. How does math impact a student’s performance in other subjects?
  23. What motivates high school students to perform well academically?
  24. Is it still necessary for students to learn a second language in high school?
  25. Are school tests effective in determining a student’s aptitude?
  26. What are the advantages of sending students to private institutions?
  27. Do gender and culture influence the personal goals of students?
  28. The impact of formal training workshops on reducing anxiety in teachers.
  29. What can teachers do to motivate students in grade school?
  30. Should colleges and universities reevaluate their admission policies?
  31. How do gender and culture affect anxiety in different subjects?
  32. How can administrators balance academics and athletics in high school?
  33. Does a parent’s perception of homework influence a child’s perception of it?
  34. Conduct a study of parental insistence of career choice and the impact on males and females.
  35. Compare and contrast charter schools and public schools.
  36. Describe the advantages that charter schools offer to their students.
  37. Implementing effective school achievement reform.
  38. What are the personal attributes of attention-seeking students?

PhD Research Topics in Educational Technology

This area of study focuses on the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning. It’s a fast-growing subject among PhD students. Here are some great educational technology research topics for you to consider:

  1. Identify the major advancements in educational technology in the 20th century.
  2. Moving beyond the predictable failure of initiatives for educational technology.
  3. Evaluate learning outcomes of incorporating tablet use in schools.
  4. What are some of the challenges educational technology has had in teaching?
  5. Evaluate the impact educational technology has had on third world countries.
  6. Developing digital programs to help students with learning disabilities.
  7. How can we improve the implementation of technologies in our public schools?
  8. How can technology make a difference in education during conflict and crisis?
  9. How does educational technology improve the way we evaluate learning?
  10. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of ICT learning for teenage reading in the U.S.
  11. How does the internet encourage study groups among young adults?
  12. The effective use of the internet to learn difficult concepts in the sciences.
  13. Realizing the power of educational technology in terms of access and impact.
  14. What impact did educational technology have during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  15. What are the most effective practices of ICT use in South America?
  16. Educational technology and visual-spatial learning.
  17. Impact of technological advancement and innovation on learning.
  18. How can educational technology be used for effective teacher professional development?
  19. Productive classroom educational technology practices for children.
  20. How the internet has built a global community of student learners.
  21. Evaluate the use of technology in improving reading outcomes among children.
  22. Evaluate the use of educational technology in low-income countries.
  23. Effectiveness of game-based learning programs as learning tools in the classroom.
  24. Is online learning a more effective tool for learning among college students?
  25. The impact that ICT has had on secondary education in European countries.
  26. Successful use of information and communication technology in third world countries.
  27. Social-emotional learning and cultural learning in the classroom.
  28. How has online learning design helped prepare students for jobs in the 21st century?
  29. Evaluate the reach and impact of massive open online courses on low-income students.
  30. Can educational technology be used to evaluate a school’s performance?
  31. What hurdles do students face when they are technologically challenged?
  32. How can augmented and virtual reality help students improve their learning skills?
  33. How can project-based learning help students develop technology skills?
  34. How has the COVID-19 pandemic propelled digital equity?
  35. Analyze design and technology for educational products made for children.
  36. How can technology in the classroom be used to help students help society?
  37. Compare and contrast the ways male and female students respond to computer-based learning.
  38. What can be done to introduce technology to non-tech disciplines (e.g., sociology or history)?

Educational Research Topics for Thesis

Plenty of background information on the following topics can be found online. However, you must conduct ample research at the library where you have access to academic and government resources. Start your work early to ensure you have enough time to track down relevant resources:

  1. Examine the causes of boredom in the classroom among high school students.
  2. What are the challenges of social distancing as students return to schools?
  3. Compare and contrast standardized tests and Wonderlic tests in their assessment of academic performance.
  4. In what ways has the pandemic affected online education?
  5. The challenges caused by the Covid-19 on the public school system.
  6. What role did teachers and professors play during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  7. What impact did Covid-19 have on international students that lived on campuses year-round?
  8. What has the Covid-19 pandemic shown us about the level of technology in U.S. schools?
  9. Evaluate the use of technology in schools and propose a solution to improve education.
  10. Explore motivational levels between genders in U.S. high schools.
  11. What decisions must international graduate students make regarding their stay in the U.S.?
  12. Evaluate computer-based reading programs for pre-kindergarten students?
  13. Examine the impact of technology use in early childhood literacy.
  14. What is the best method for creating efficient learning environments to improve early childhood education?
  15. What impact do parents have in the development of early childhood literacy?
  16. Explain how the success of students in urban areas can be influenced by the district’s policies.
  17. How effective is the use of video documentation and collaborative inquiry in educating student teachers?
  18. What is the relationship between classroom quality and success among students in grade school?
  19. Examine the practice of using educational games to enhance learning.
  20. Are today’s college and university students more prone to violence?
  21. Examine kindergarten educational settings and their impact on a child’s confidence.
  22. How can the current curricular development of high school students be linked to current economic issues in the U.S.?
  23. Analyze the educational approaches between public schools and private schools.
  24. What influence do different teaching methods have on a student’s academic success?
  25. Evaluate the current early childhood education curriculum in public schools.
  26. Is the use of multiple media tools effective in improving early childhood literacy?
  27. Evaluate the actions taken by colleges and universities during the pandemic.
  28. Is online education a tool for quality education or an increase in useless screen time?
  29. What challenges do people with intellectual disabilities face post Covid-19?
  30. The impact of storytime activities at the kindergarten level.
  31. Evaluate higher education practices and the relationship with labor market requirements.
  32. What is the most effective method of improving early childhood literacy?
  33. Examine the current curricular development of primary school students.
  34. Cognitive development in children and the introduction of coding courses.
  35. What does the Covid-19 pandemic mean for the future of education?
  36. What impact did the Covid-19 pandemic have on college campuses?
  37. What is the best method for assessing learning ability in kindergarten students?
  38. Educational data science and the growing discipline in colleges.

educational psychology research topics

Educational Psychology Research Topics

This area of study focuses on the different ways that people learn. It includes topics related to teaching methods, instructional processes, and individual differences. The following educational psychology research paper topics cover these areas and are great for a large research project:

  1. The theoretical importance of the family in a child’s educational development.
  2. The impact that bullying has on elementary school children.
  3. What impact do divorced parents have on a child’s learning abilities?
  4. How has the definition of educational psychology changed in the past decade?
  5. Examine the importance of studying educational psychology.
  6. The impact bullying and victimization have on a child’s behavior in class.
  7. The role of emotion in a child’s ability to learn difficult subjects.
  8. Can parents or tutors learn better teaching methods through educational psychology?
  9. The importance of social interaction for pre-K children in the U.S.
  10. How does psychological development affect the way a student learns?
  11. Teacher attunement and the impact it has on student learning.
  12. Ethical issues in assessment techniques used by psychologists.
  13. Application of educational psychology processes and a child’s confidence.
  14. The psychological impact that homeschooling has on young adults.
  15. Describe the importance of the development of self-regulation.
  16. The importance of critical thinking to evaluate educational psychology methods.
  17. The importance of parental involvement in a child’s academic performance.
  18. Reporting on mass school shootings and impact on a child’s development.
  19. The effect student attributes have on a teacher’s performance.
  20. Technical aspects of tests and measurements to advance educational psychology.
  21. Peer relations on their influence on student behavior.
  22. Desired student outcomes resulting from different educational psychology approaches.
  23. Define the major contributions to our thinking of educational psychology.
  24. Educational psychology and its role in improving motivation and engagement.
  25. Behavioral and social-emotional development in students.
  26. How can psychological techniques be used to improve language skills?
  27. Compare and contrast assessment models in different school types in the U.S.
  28. How does early academic success affect a child’s confidence?
  29. Applying educational psychology to students that are homeschooled.
  30. Compare and contrast the impact of mother involvement versus father involvement.
  31. Developing the capacities and potential in students within a specific society.
  32. Explore the motivational levels between genders at the high school level.
  33. How can teachers use educational psychology techniques to help students with autism?
  34. Classroom punishments and their impact on a child’s behavior.
  35. Behavioral learning techniques and educational psychology.
  36. Evaluating current methods of assessment, measurement, and research.
  37. Compare and contrast research methods in educational psychology.
  38. How can educational psychology be used to shorten the achievement gap?

Research Topics in Educational Sociology

Educational sociology focuses on the social factors that influence and are influenced by educational structures and processes within and between societies. Educational sociology is important because it plays a large role in educational policy and planning. You can select a great research topic in education that deals with sociology from the list below:

  1. What is the modern role of responsibility for college students?
  2. Should all college students be given free access to on-campus health services?
  3. Explore the sense of independence among first-year college students.
  4. What is the social perception of receiving a vocational education?
  5. The relationship between crime and access to a full education.
  6. How do school values differ from family values at the college level?
  7. The family is a point of reference in setting and achieving academic goals.
  8. What impact does literature have on a student’s cultural identity?
  9. The sociology of education and digital technology.
  10. Examine the importance of building social circles in college.
  11. Explore the impact required courses have on a student’s stress.
  12. How do recent changes in educational policies and programs affect incoming students?
  13. The importance of socialization among children and their perception toward education.
  14. How is a student’s creativity affected by strict grading rubric rules?
  15. Why are college internship choices biased?
  16. Explore the effects childhood domestic violence has on a college student’s academic performance.
  17. Evaluate conflict resolution processes on college campuses.
  18. Why do college students feel anxious and stressed during the first year?
  19. The impact of social media on the ways teenagers and young adults learn.
  20. Examine the connection between education and terrorism.
  21. Limitations in the application of sociology to advance educational theories.
  22. What effect does traveling abroad have on students’ sense of others’ cultures?
  23. The sociological differences between education and training.
  24. Define the failure of modern systems of education as it relates to moral values.
  25. Social inequality and the politics of cultural research on educational institutions.
  26. Analyze the low enrollment status of adult education programs in the U.S.
  27. Examine the correlation between educational achievements and poverty levels.
  28. The impact that education has in escaping poverty.
  29. Explore the reasons behind a student’s desire to rate their professors.
  30. Analyze students’ needs to have the power to change school policies.
  31. How does social media help students stay connected with friends and family?
  32. How does social work fit into the daily lives of college students?
  33. Examine the reasons why students feel the need to plagiarize.

Educational Leadership Research Topics

This discipline deals with the processes of enlisting and guiding talents and energies of educators, students, and parents toward achieving academic success. A degree in this area equips graduates with expertise in the areas of leadership, management, and communication as they relate to education. Here are some great research topics in educational administration to choose from:

  1. Conduct a qualitative study to evaluate the educational policies in the U.S.
  2. How is academic research impacted by educational leadership in the classroom?
  3. How can school districts improve the quality of educational leadership among their administrators and teachers?
  4. What is the relationship between successful educational leadership and early professional success?
  5. What impact does effective educational leadership have on college and university students?
  6. What can an educational leader do to change the environment surrounding students?
  7. Are there differences in leadership qualities in high school and college educators?
  8. Conduct a qualitative study of high-performing university students in the professional world?
  9. How has globalization impacted higher education in the United States?
  10. Identify the characteristics and qualities needed for effective teaching in high school.
  11. What are the five most important qualities in a great educational leader?
  12. What are the best leadership strategies for educators and principals?
  13. Examine a country’s transformation as it relates to educational leadership over the last 50 years.
  14. What is the history and purpose of co-curricular transcripts in assessing a student’s knowledge?
  15. What type of leadership does a principal need to demonstrate to benefit the educational growth of students?
  16. Evaluate different leadership styles across educational levels.
  17. What are the most effective ways of dealing with problems the come up in educational leadership?
  18. How can teachers instill their educational leadership skills in their students?
  19. Evaluate methods that connect learning with leadership?
  20. Evaluate educational leadership training and coursework for teachers?
  21. What impact does a good relationship between principals and teachers have on students?
  22. What are the most effective measures of reform for elementary schools?
  23. Should teacher leadership at the high school level focus more on developing professional skills in students?
  24. Identify reform measures that require reevaluation to increase intellectual growth among high school students?
  25. Should educational leaders focus on making improvements to their schools’ infrastructure or on their students?
  26. Examine in-class note-taking skills for high school students with and without learning disabilities.
  27. Why do great educational leaders have such an effect on the successes of international students in the U.S.?
  28. What are the causes of the under-representation of minorities in advanced placement courses?
  29. What impact has educational leadership had on the United States?
  30. How can we better understand educational leadership through an evaluation of people and culture?
  31. Examine the anti-bullying policies in U.S. schools and provide a realistic solution.
  32. Why do students from multi-cultural backgrounds do better when communicating with teachers and peers is efficient and effective?
  33. Are administrative staff making a difference in terms of diversity and equality?
  34. Evaluate current practices to lower and prevent the number of failing high school students?
  35. What role does spiritual growth have on leadership development in college and university students?
  36. What is the impact of instructional coaching on high school teachers’ practices?
  37. Identify the most important leadership qualities to teach at the college level.
  38. Should educational institutions reevaluate training opportunities to improve how teachers execute leadership strategies?

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What are some of the good topics in research on education?

Here is a list of some good topics for research in education:

  • The difficulties teachers face with ADHD students in the classroom.
  • Why schools and not educators should make reform efforts.
  • How parents can adjust to the increasing cost of college tuition fees.
  • The possibility of using professional development techniques in educating children
  • How effective is professional skill development in high schools?
  • Good education is a result of the cooperation of several schools.

What is an example of an educational research problem?

A good example of an educational research problem is a problem in education research that needs to be improved. One example is how the pandemic has affected online education. It can also include topics like how using technological solutions in schools can increase the quality of education. Other potential problems include explaining public schools’ difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is an educational research example?

An example of educational research can include questions about how effective are computer-based reading programs for preschoolers or how much impact technology has on early childhood literacy. Lastly, you can also focus on the most effective strategy for establishing efficient learning environments to boost early childhood education.

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