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277 Good Psychology Research Topics To Learn About

Psychology Research Topics

The first thing you need to know about earning a good grade in any discipline is that you need to have a good topic. “What are good research topics for psychology?” You can find great ideas in several places, including the web, class notes, and assigned readings.

A good topic needs to be educational both for you and the reader. We know it can be time-consuming to search for a good idea so we have taken out the leg work and have created a list of 277 research topics for psychology you can use for free when writing psychology papers.

This list of psychology research topics was put together by our team of professional writers. Feel free to modify them to fit any research project or use them as they are. We hope you find something that inspires you and leads you to a high-quality paper.

Child Psychology Research Topics

The area of child psychology is always changing. The following psychology research topics will require you to search for the latest information. You can start searching online and then head to the school library to find academic resources:

  1. The impact loud music has on a child’s development.
  2. The importance of being able to say “No” to your child.
  3. What impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had on child development?
  4. How do children socialize before the age of five?
  5. How can parents learn to encourage a child’s unique personality?
  6. Can neighborhoods and communities impact a child’s development?
  7. How can we better understand a child’s mental health?
  8. What are the challenges of child psychology in a technological world?
  9. Do a child’s early years predict potential violent behavior as an adult?
  10. The impact environment has on a child’s development.
  11. What are the risks of child underdevelopment?
  12. The challenges we face in a child’s social development.
  13. How do child development programs help with autism?
  14. Do parents rely too much on professional advice to raise children?
  15. The negative impact children’s television shows have on development.
  16. Can denying your children “treats” lead to problems?
  17. What effect do low-income communities have on a child’s development?
  18. The link between parental negligence and child obesity.
  19. What are the causes of dyslexia and how can we help children overcome this disability?
  20. Should parents make sure their kids socialize before entering school age?
  21. What are the biggest influences on a child’s development?
  22. The impact a child’s age has on his or her development.
  23. What impact does a teenager’s behavior have on a child?
  24. What are the challenges of letting a child develop emotionally?

Easy Psychology Research Topics

If psychology isn’t your area of expertise and you’re looking for something easy to work on for a research project, the following ideas are great for consideration. Just be sure you do adequate research:

  1. How does the media cause media disorders?
  2. What impact does nutrition have on a person’s mental health?
  3. How does one develop antisocial personality disorder?
  4. How does TV impact criminal behavior?
  5. Does a child’s behavior stem from his or her parents’ behaviors?
  6. What are the biggest causes of aggressive behavior in children?
  7. The role of sports in psychology.
  8. How does the media impact the way people behave in society?
  9. The effectiveness of catching the lies of others.
  10. How do disabled people feel about their place in society?
  11. Why are children becoming more disruptive?
  12. What is the best thing someone can do to cope with grief?
  13. What are the most effective ways to treat people with phobias?
  14. Are primary schools important to a child’s development?
  15. How does isolation impact the elderly?
  16. How do people react when social norms are disturbed?
  17. How do people develop phobias of situations they have never experienced?
  18. What are the major causes of depression in teenagers?
  19. What impact do violence and aggression have on society?
  20. What impact does being an only child have on social interaction?
  21. What are the early signs of schizophrenia in young adults?
  22. The influence that video games have on children.
  23. What can affect a person’s religious beliefs?
  24. The connection between verbal and non-verbal communication.

Undergraduate Research Topics Psychology

College research projects require a higher level of dedication. Students need to commit ample time to adequately research their topics and write several drafts if they want to achieve high grades:

  1. The impact team sports have on mental health.
  2. How good are people at exposing lies?
  3. What are the signs of sociopathic behavior in youth?
  4. What impact does the media have on rising levels of child abuse?
  5. How are children impacted by their parents’ behaviors?
  6. Why are many Americans losing the number of sleep hours?
  7. How do people react when verbal behavior does not match with nonverbal communication?
  8. What factors influence the ways people think about religion?
  9. How to increase critical abilities in disabled adults?
  10. What impact does depression have on cognitive development?
  11. The best coping methods for physical illnesses.
  12. How do people who are disabled feel psychologically?
  13. The impact violence in the media has on children.
  14. What do MRIs tell us about the autistic brain?
  15. Do violent television shows influence violence in real life?
  16. The impact autism has on student learning.
  17. How do people recall memories?
  18. Differences in midlife crisis and behavior among males and females.
  19. The main causes of dementia in seniors.
  20. The effect hydration has on brain function.
  21. The impact television has on cognitive function.
  22. Covid-19 and its impact on mental health.
  23. The negative impact of social distancing.
  24. What are the major causes of panic attacks?

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

This side of psychology looks at the connections of the basic psychological processes of humans and animals. This can range anywhere between learning, memory, and cognition. Here are some fresh articles to think about:

  1. What have we learned from the Stroop Effect?
  2. The amount of information that people can keep in long-term memory.
  3. How do people react differently to certain types of music?
  4. Which gender is more likely to remember words and numbers?
  5. Do females perform better in academic tests?
  6. Which gender performs better in standardized tests?
  7. How does listening to aggressive music influence behavior?
  8. Does music affect creativity in teenagers?
  9. How do people react to color changes?
  10. How do people react to optical illusions differently?
  11. Does the paper color used in tests affect the way a student performs?
  12. Why do people feel the need to conform in group settings?
  13. The amount of information a person can store in short-term memory.
  14. How is conformity influenced by the size of a group?
  15. Does the use of colored paper help boost student’s ability to learn?
  16. How does muscle memory affect the way we react to physical challenges?
  17. What influence does the color of a room have on a person’s hunger?
  18. How does music affect short-term memory?
  19. What role does facial symmetry have on a person’s attraction?
  20. How does personality affect a person’s musical taste?
  21. Do students perform better in class when they have breakfast?
  22. How can people be conditioned to be safer drivers?
  23. How do crowd responses influence individual responses?
  24. Does color affect a person’s mood?

Health Psychology Research Topics

If you are interested in how biological, social, and psychological factors affect a person’s health, then this area of psychology is for you. These topics are among the latest being discussed on the web, so you will have no trouble finding information:

  1. Positive health behaviors and their impact on mood.
  2. The difficulty people have in changing health behaviors.
  3. The impact the media has on our mental health.
  4. Mental health and a person’s ability to recover from illness.
  5. Mental health and the ability to avoid getting ill.
  6. End-of-life care and effects on seniors’ mental and physical health.
  7. The impact of stress management on mental health.
  8. The influence the fashion industry has on how we perceive ourselves.
  9. Convincing people to use safety devices when they travel.
  10. Stress management and how we deal with difficult situations.
  11. Psychological strategies that are used to encourage exercise.
  12. The various symptoms of PTSD in veterans.
  13. The effectiveness of rehab programs on addicted teenagers.
  14. Images of violence in the news and its relationship to stress.
  15. The effect of early age eating disorders in teenagers.
  16. Adjusting to chronic illness and its connection with depression.
  17. Anger management and its place at work.
  18. Theories of pain and methods for controlling it.
  19. The media’s portrayal of the “ideal” body.
  20. The mental health in people who are obese.
  21. The challenges of psychological interventions in adults.
  22. Mental states and people’s reactions to medications.
  23. Mental health and different ways to cope after a disaster.
  24. Relaxation techniques that improve physical and mental health.

psychology research topics

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

This branch of psychology deals with mental disorders. It can cover everything from OCD to depression. If your goal is to become a counselor or a clinical psychologist, then you will find the following topics interesting:

  1. How are psychological disorders diagnosed?
  2. What can we do to address the rising cases of anxiety disorders?
  3. How will Covid-19 impact mental health?
  4. What are the symptoms of asexuality in young adults?
  5. What are the main causes of suicidal tendencies in youth?
  6. How can we best treat separation anxiety among children?
  7. What is the best way to deter the rising cases of bulimia in teens?
  8. Why are more children suffering from anorexia?
  9. What brings up perverse sexual behaviors in adults?
  10. What causes people to develop eating disorders?
  11. How can we measure the changes in suicidal tendencies?
  12. What role does society play in narcissistic behavior in young adults?
  13. What should doctors consider when patients ask to be euthanized?
  14. Why are people more anxious now than a decade ago?
  15. What are the underlying causes of deviant behavior?
  16. Does this area of psychology stigmatize vulnerable people?
  17. Is the Oedipus complex still a diagnosis that can be applied today?
  18. Should psychologists confer with medical professionals?
  19. How does capitalism influence antisocial behavior?
  20. What are the main causes of stalker behaviors and personalities?
  21. What are the main causes of anorexia in adults?
  22. Do we need to change the way psychologists diagnose disorders?
  23. How should we treat people with anxiety disorders?
  24. How does substance abuse affect mental health?

Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you are interested in this field, you will likely want to know about how particular factors affect our attitudes and how we socialize with others. Here are some great social psychology research topics for your consideration:

  1. The levels of stress in preterm deliveries on an unborn child.
  2. What impact do hate crimes have on a community?
  3. What roles do physiology and genetics have on relationship psychology?
  4. How can families deal with instances of substance abuse?
  5. Does the media change the way people interact with each other?
  6. What is the best method to cure social interaction disorders?
  7. What impact do eating disorders have on families?
  8. How do people make friends in the workplace?
  9. How can we treat children with behavioral disorders?
  10. Is therapeutic divorce mediation beneficial and cost-effective?
  11. What impact does the loss of a pet have on children?
  12. How does the death of a family member affect a child’s personality?
  13. What effect does separation have on immigrant families?
  14. What benefits does therapy work have on emotionally focused couples?
  15. What is the connection between social cognition and depression?
  16. How effectively and accurately can people detect lies?
  17. What role does culture play in the way people respond to death?
  18. How is the family unit affected by the death of a neighbor?
  19. What impact does a cancer diagnosis have on the family unit?
  20. Why are more people getting divorced today than 50 years ago?
  21. In what ways is obesity linked to the amount of time watching television?
  22. How can co-parents establish a healthy structure?
  23. What can psychologists do to help bereaved families?
  24. What impact do STDs have on how the family unit functions?

Sports Psychology Research Topics

This area of psychology has become quite popular in the last decade. It’s a growing field with a lot of promising topics to research. The following are all ideas you want to consider for a great project:

  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of youth participation in sports?
  2. How does visualization help athletes succeed?
  3. What does it mean to be an elite performer in today’s professional leagues?
  4. What impact does a coach have on developing character in a player?
  5. Can non-athletes learn from the behaviors of professional athletes?
  6. What can athletes teach people about setting goals?
  7. How do young people that participate in sports socialize with others?
  8. How can coaches use motivation to help in team-building efforts?
  9. What impact will Covid-19 have on professional athletes?
  10. How can tough coaching methods be detrimental to a child’s development?
  11. How much does inner motivation play a role in attaining success in sports?
  12. What are the negative effects of encouraging young athletes to win at all costs?
  13. In what way did the challenges we faced in the last year impact athletes differently?
  14. How do athletes prepare themselves mentally before a game or a competition?
  15. How do athletes manage to tune out distractions?
  16. Why are people interested in learning more about an athlete’s personal life?
  17. In what ways do professional athletes overthink their games?
  18. How do non-athletes feel when their college athletes can get paid to play?
  19. What impact does doping have on athletes that do not use drugs?
  20. How do players feel when they learn their peers have cheated?
  21. What impact do sports scandals have on players’ mental health?
  22. How does neuro-linguistic programming impact result increases in sports?
  23. What impact do youth sports have on mental health development?
  24. What are the biggest risks with pushing kids to compete?

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

The clinical area of psychology covers a wide range of issues that deal with the mental and behavioral health of individuals and families. The field is ever-evolving so it shouldn’t be hard to find interesting material for any of the following topics:

  1. Are people becoming too addicted to social media?
  2. What are the best treatments for helping kids with behavioral issues?
  3. What are the clinical implications of lucid dreaming research?
  4. How do patients with traumatic experiences react to images of violence?
  5. What are the most innovative approaches to treat phobias in children?
  6. How can we apply cultural psychology to better understand human development?
  7. How do different professions affect a person’s psychology?
  8. What are the effects of separation anxiety disorder in young adults?
  9. Can one be biased toward people of a particular race?
  10. What are the risks associated with early-age dementia?
  11. How do children of divorced parents react in social gatherings?
  12. How does the aging process influence mental illness?
  13. What are the limitations of intervention-type treatment?
  14. What role does emotional support have in treating people with substance addiction?
  15. Why do men feel comfortable harassing women in public?
  16. When should certain types of therapy be used to help patients?
  17. What are the symptoms of early-stage schizophrenia?
  18. Why do people develop eating disorders at different ages?
  19. How do sites like Facebook and Twitter affect the way people interact?
  20. How can we treat dementia patients that do not want to receive help?
  21. How concerned should we be about seniors diagnosed with mental disorders?
  22. What are the most effective ways for treating depression?
  23. How does modern society respond to autism?
  24. Why do people encounter certain types of memories?

Controversial Topics In Psychology For Research Paper

Nothing can catch the reader’s attention more than a little bit of controversy. Here are some great psychology research paper topics you can use to keep the reader interested while still meeting the requirements of your assignment:

  1. How do anti-Semitic policies in Europe affect the Jewish community in the U.S.?
  2. Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
  3. What are the effects on children who are asked to testify against a parent?
  4. What impact does corporal punishment in schools have on young adults long-term?
  5. Should psychological profiles be required of all public school students?
  6. What is the negative impact sex education has on young people?
  7. Should parents be able to monitor all their children’s movements?
  8. Should we begin to profile teenagers for potential threatening behaviors?
  9. Should parents have unlimited access to their children’s cell phones?
  10. Should parents prevent their children from using the internet until they are teenagers?
  11. Is it okay for the U.S. to microchip people at birth?
  12. Should all people elected to office take a psychological test before starting term?
  13. Should children be prohibited from watching television without parents?
  14. What impact does juvenile detention have on a young person’s development?
  15. Are overbearing parents a negative or positive influence on children’s lives?
  16. Does obesity affect one’s mental health and ability to function in society?
  17. Should people with eating disorders receive medical treatment?
  18. Should parents monitor and limit what their children watch on television?
  19. Should we pay for sexual predators to receive psychological treatment?
  20. Should young people have the right to abortions without parental consent?
  21. What are some of the positive effects children can experience from a divorce?
  22. Should homosexuality be considered a psychological disorder?
  23. What impact does gender discrimination in religion have on people?
  24. Why do people stigmatize mental health in athletes?

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

Developmental psychology deals with ways people learn, mature, and adapt. It’s a field that continues to grow and is a great choice for students interested in the various stages of human development. Here are some great ideas that you will find interesting:

  1. In what ways does self-efficacy impact memories in older adults?
  2. How is academic achievement impacted by acts of bullying?
  3. How does maternal stress during pregnancy affect cognitive development?
  4. How do parenting styles influence how much a child exercises?
  5. Why are some students more likely to succeed at school than others?
  6. How does the internet impact how a child learns to interact?
  7. Are there more limits to short-term memory as people age?
  8. What should parents consider when managing how much television children watch?
  9. How important are parents’ emotions for unborn children?
  10. What is the developmental difference between children who spend time outdoors?
  11. Does food packaging encourage children to make intelligent food choices?
  12. What are the biggest influences on the development of self-esteem?
  13. How does positive reinforcement help keep students motivated?
  14. What are the biggest developmental concerns for an unborn child?
  15. How does one’s home environment affect the way he or she performs at work?
  16. Are older people more likely to blame external factors for events?
  17. What impact does social reinforcement have on work performance?
  18. How does social media affect the way a child communicates?
  19. What is the relationship between birth order and academic performance?
  20. How do mental games keep cognitive skills sharp in the elderly?
  21. Why are some children more likely to do homework than others?
  22. Are bullied students more likely to have worse grades than their non-bullied peers?
  23. How do our perceptions of cause and effect change as we age?
  24. Are younger people more likely to blame internal factors for events?

Social Psychology Research Topics For Young People?

This area deals with the ways people interact with one another. It can delve into issues about how one’s cultural origins, environmental factors, and upbringing affect the way a person socializes with others. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. How are children influenced by other children they play with?
  2. What factors drive people toward one another?
  3. How do different societies define aggression in youth?
  4. What happens when a child doesn’t form an attachment with a parent?
  5. What are the characteristics of a strong friendship?
  6. How does our environment influence the development of aggressive thoughts?
  7. How does what people wear affect their relationships?
  8. How important is it to be part of a group as a young adult?
  9. Is aggression in teenagers defined by the society they live in?
  10. What impact does group exercise have on a person’s mood?
  11. Should schools limit the number of students in groups while on campus?
  12. Are social activities helpful in school settings?
  13. What effect do school dances have on young adults?

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What are research examples for psychology?

Psychology research uses scientific methods to learn about the relationship between the environment, the brain, and behavior. Some research examples for psychology include sports’ influence on psychology, what causes antisocial personality disorder, and how watching TV affects crime.

What are the 5 issues and debates in psychology?

The five issues and debates in psychology are:

  • Nature vs. nurture.
  • Person vs. situation.
  • Cultural universals vs. variability.
  • Materialism vs. constructionism.
  • Consistency vs. adjustment across development.

What are research problems in psychology?

Research problems in psychology are areas of concern or difficulties to eliminate. It could be based on issues like how using colored paper helps students learn more effectively, why people feel pressure to fit in when they’re in a group, the volume of data that can be kept in short-term memory, and how group size relates to conformity.

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