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222 Technology Research Topics For All Educational Levels

technology research topics

Students should always think first about the kinds of technology research topics that will fit assignment requirements, be interesting to reading audiences, and be easy to handle considering available resources and deadlines.

It can be difficult to find a good technology topic given all the responsibilities students face throughout a semester. We have 222 argumentative technology topics:

Research Proposal Topics in Information

Students that need to write a research paper often need to submit a proposal beforehand. So, we have gathered several ideas topic about technology for research paper that may inspire them to explore areas in this field:

  1. What are the negative effects of implementing digital tools in the workplace?
  2. How effective are virus and malware security systems today?
  3. What do simplified data mining and processing mean for businesses?
  4. What concerns did IT advancements raise related to security and privacy?
  5. What are the risks of leaving a wiped hard drive accessible?
  6. How did globalization change because of information technology?
  7. Should businesses stay away from automatizing their processes?
  8. What should an IT specialist consider when setting up a network system?
  9. How has cell phone technology made people more productive?
  10. How have IT advancements helped the cause for true freedom of speech?
  11. Is internet marketing a dying industry or are consumers still clicking?
  12. What is the difference between ethical and unethical hacking?
  13. What are the major differences between iOS and Android?
  14. In what ways has money laundering changed because of the internet?
  15. Why are there fewer students interested in ubiquitous computing?
  16. Do hackers have the advantage when it comes to identity protection?
  17. Does cell phone technology make people less or more productive?
  18. Is there such a thing as internet privacy or are we all being watched?
  19. What are the major factors behind the increase in online gambling?
  20. What are the risks of using cryptocurrency for online transactions?
  21. In what ways has brain processing changed because of digital reading?
  22. What impact have hackers had in stopping terrorist attacks?

Medical Laboratory Technology Research Topics

The field of medical laboratory technology is a growing area that offers many professional opportunities. These research topics on technology offer a wide range of interesting questions worth exploring:

  1. What will a comparative study of electrolytes and lipid profiles tell us about diabetes?
  2. What are the most common lipid levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes?
  3. What is the impact of alcohol consumption in athletes that are training?
  4. What impact does the study of ADCC activity have on HIV treatment?
  5. What role do CDfT-Cell Subsets have in the progression of HIV in patients?
  6. How does ethanol seed extract affect patients with cancer?
  7. What are the most important skills needed to become a medical lab technician?
  8. What are the biggest challenges of medical laboratory funding?
  9. How much do clinical laboratory testing influence medical decisions?
  10. In what ways has the role of the medical laboratory technologist changed?
  11. What is the clinical connection between cardiovascular health and leukemia?
  12. How does the evaluation of ANRIL variants impact the study of lung cancers?
  13. What is the best way to investigate the effects of antiviral proteins?
  14. How useful are peripheral blood cancer markers in our understanding of melanoma?
  15. What are the biggest challenges in the field of medical technology?
  16. What role do robots have in the healthcare field?
  17. How important is it for medical lab techs to further education?
  18. What have been the biggest innovations in the field of medical laboratory technology?
  19. How can we improve blood transfusion using technology?
  20. What can we learn from the rise of medical laboratory data?
  21. What does the analysis of a high-fat diet tell us about cholesterol levels?
  22. What does the future of medical lab tech hold for students?

Interesting Information Technology Topics

These technology related topics are tougher and are designed for students that have learned the fundamentals of conducting good background research using both online and print resources:

  1. How has the internet affected the daily lives of people?
  2. What impact has the media have in spreading information on the web?
  3. What are the most important health technologies around the world?
  4. What is the biggest technological discovery of the 20th century?
  5. Can technology ever replace human intelligence?
  6. What role does technology have in the advancement of genetic engineering?
  7. In what ways have the rules of war been impacted by technology?
  8. Which technology do you think has had the greatest impact on society?
  9. What are the advantages of having technology in the workplace?
  10. How has technology advanced the possibilities of reproduction?
  11. How has technology impacted professional and collegiate sports?
  12. What role has technology had on globalization?
  13. What will technology look like 20 years from now?
  14. What are the pros and cons of using a smartphone?
  15. What are the disadvantages of having technology in the workplace?
  16. How can technology be used to help people maintain a healthy weight?
  17. At what age should children begin to use technology?
  18. What are people losing because of technological advances?
  19. What is the relationship between human identity and technological progress?
  20. To what extent has technology changed the way people socialize?
  21. Which types of technologies should be introduced to children?
  22. How does technology impact your personal life?

Research Paper Topics on Technology

As soon as students have developed a firm grasp of researching and writing methods, they will be required to take on bigger academic challenges. These technology persuasive speech topics fit the bill perfectly:

  1. Does unlimited streaming harm a child’s development?
  2. Should people be allowed to use technology to spy on neighbors?
  3. What does the future of deep learning hold?
  4. Should the U.S. pay for another trip to the moon?
  5. Can technology help with weight loss?
  6. Does technology help people make better food choices?
  7. What is a technology that can be destructive for people?
  8. How can technology be used to stop sex trafficking?
  9. What impact has technology had on education?
  10. Can technology help people quit smoking?
  11. How different would life be without modern technologies?
  12. Should ID chips be implanted in children?
  13. How does technology help athletes train more efficiently?
  14. How has technology impacted sports gambling?
  15. Does the internet bring people closer or separate them further?
  16. What is a current technology that is changing the world?
  17. Why are personal concierge products like Alexa so popular?
  18. Does technology help people become better consumers?
  19. What are some technologies that people aren’t aware of?
  20. How can technology help people that are addicted to drugs?
  21. Does technology make it easier for people to gamble?
  22. How will automation impact the way manufacturing companies work?

Interesting Technology Topics for Middle School

The following educational technology topics can be used for any assignment at the middle school level. They deal with a variety of subjects and can be modified to meet specific requirements:

  1. What is an example of AI that seems promising in the future?
  2. How does technology help keep students interested in learning?
  3. Will artificial intelligence make it possible to learn at home?
  4. Should children be allowed to use the internet without restrictions?
  5. Does technology help reduce the gender gap in business?
  6. Does technology make learning easier?
  7. How can artificial intelligence affect our lives?
  8. How important was technology during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  9. Can technology motivate students to study more?
  10. Should the U.S. taxpayers fund a manned mission to Mars?
  11. How effective was contact tracing during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  12. What impact will augmented reality have on consumers?
  13. What dangers does sharing information online have?
  14. How can parents keep their children safe from online predators?
  15. What are the risks with digital voting?
  16. Can video games be used to help students learn?
  17. How can artificial intelligence impact the medical field?
  18. Should educators start teaching computer use in Kindergarten?
  19. How early should children learn to use a computer?
  20. Will artificial intelligence replace teachers?
  21. Are young people better equipped to succeed because of technology?
  22. Did virtual learning help or harm student development?

controversial technology topics

Controversial Technology Topics in 2023

The best way to jumpstart any assignment is to consider ideas that deal with some type of controversy. These hot topics in technology lead to a lot of debate which is a great way of capturing your reader’s attention:

  1. Should governments allow all their citizens access to technology?
  2. Should convicted felons be restricted from using the internet?
  3. What would happen if people had identity chips implanted under their skin?
  4. Are new technologies making people unhealthy?
  5. How do we know if CMB is a remnant of the Big Bang?
  6. Do technologies have a positive effect on personal safety?
  7. How does technology help the safety of travelers?
  8. What are the limits of nanotechnologies?
  9. Should first-world countries develop information access in third-world countries?
  10. Should social media sites ban the use of foul language?
  11. How can technology help solve crimes?
  12. How does technology apply to advancements in medicine?
  13. Is technology harming the educational process?
  14. How can law enforcement prevent sexual predators from using the dark web?
  15. What can the government do to destroy the dark web?
  16. How does technology influence a person’s mental health?
  17. Should the government have access to all private information in dire circumstances?
  18. Is the dark web an avenue for freedom of speech?
  19. How can people use technology to change the world?
  20. Will technology impact the way teachers prepare for lessons?
  21. Does smartphone use lead to less communication?
  22. What technologies exist to prove the Big Bang?

Research Topics about Technology

These technology research paper topics are good for college and graduate-level courses. They will require more research both from online and print resources. Make sure you gather your information from trustworthy sources:

  1. What are the negative long-term effects of living a technological world?
  2. How can technology be used to make public roads safer?
  3. What impact do countries controlling access to the internet have on the population?
  4. How does new technology have a negative impact on society?
  5. What impact has distance learning had on education?
  6. Which European countries have had the greatest impact on technology?
  7. How does social media make the world smaller?
  8. What is a new technology for solving world problems?
  9. Can technology keep wildlife safe as human population grows?
  10. Do people rely too much on the internet that it’s making them less intelligent?
  11. How is technology affecting the way people socialize?
  12. How will school shutdowns during Covid-19 impact technology?
  13. What impact do social media sites have on personal relationships?
  14. What impact did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have on the world?
  15. In what ways does technology help deliver emergency equipment?
  16. How has technology helped develop green materials?
  17. How can we deter the use of offensive language on the internet?
  18. Are genetically modified foods healthier than organic food?
  19. Should genetic testing data be available to the public?
  20. Has the internet made people more rude or disrespectful?
  21. Should technology be used to monitor and manage people’s diets?
  22. How is technology damaging people’s physical health?
  23. Will smart cars ultimately replace human-controlled vehicles?

Trending Topics in Technology for 2023

These are topics that are trending this year. You should be able to find a lot of fresh information from discussions happening over the internet. If you need help with research paper, you should consider hiring a professional writing and editing service:

  1. What is a good sample of the kind of technology we need to explore Mars?
  2. How can we improve natural language processing technologies?
  3. What does the future of the internet hold for us?
  4. Should people be discouraged from sharing personal information online?
  5. What are the challenges in developing machine learning?
  6. Should the U.S. adopt the use of GDPR technology?
  7. What are the latest advancements in prostheses?
  8. How do AI robots interact with humans?
  9. Will paper money every be challenged by digital currency?
  10. How will technology change the teaching process?
  11. How do AI neural networks work?
  12. How has telecommunication changed in the last half-century?
  13. In what ways is the U.S. using technology to fight terrorism?
  14. How is technology used to help keep endangered animals safe?
  15. Does the internet make people more depressed?
  16. How can technology be used to make construction more efficient?
  17. How can technology help developing countries modernize?
  18. What are the best algorithms to use in machine learning?
  19. Have social media sites made people more socially awkward?
  20. How is technology influencing changes in the educational system?
  21. Do parental filters work to keep young adults from accessing pornography?
  22. What impact does social media have on a teenager’s physical development?

Current Science and Technology Topics

Like the topics about technology listed above, background information for these ideas can be found on the web. However, the following technology issues aren’t limited to just this year. Some of these issues have been at the forefront of discussion going back several years:

  1. How can we regulate the use of drones in communities?
  2. How does the brain respond to virtual reality?
  3. Which are the most promising computer languages?
  4. What are the inherent dangers of genetic modification technology?
  5. How intelligent are digital technologies?
  6. Can video technology be used in the military?
  7. How does reading from digital devices impact the way people retain information?
  8. What are the moral issues involved in gene engineering?
  9. What type of genetic information should parents have access to?
  10. What are the dangers in developing military technologies?
  11. How can virtual reality be used in mental therapy?
  12. Are interactive televisions shows a thing of the past?
  13. What are the biggest technological advancements in physical therapy?
  14. What can social media sites do to improve privacy?
  15. What can digital reading devices do for people with disabilities?
  16. What are some technologies that are becoming obsolete?
  17. Does surveillance technology help deter crime?
  18. How safe are cloud technologies when it comes to privacy?
  19. Can today’s military technology destroy the world?
  20. Is technology making people lazier?
  21. How is technology changing the way we watch sports?
  22. What impact does social media have in solving public problems?

Controversial Topics in Technology

There is nothing like dealing with controversial ideas to generate interest in any kind of assignment. Instead of taking a safe route, these topics can capture your audiences undivided attention and make your research paper stand out:

  1. Should the government be allowed to spy on internet searches?
  2. How can technology be used to stop terrorists?
  3. Should the U.S. government control and censor the internet?
  4. Is it ethical to ask hackers to break into private online accounts?
  5. What impact did the invention of the X-Ray machine have on medicine?
  6. Has technology made our lives more complicated?
  7. How do nation’s like China and North Korea censor the internet?
  8. Should surveillance be used at the workplace to ensure employees don’t waste time?
  9. How has the internet changed the ways companies market their brands?
  10. Should we use DNA technology to solve past crimes?
  11. Should security scanners be placed at every school entry?
  12. How does technology change the way we provide power to cities?
  13. Should cities add video surveillance in high-crime cities?
  14. What was the most important technological achievement of the 20th century?
  15. Should the media use technology to track the activities of celebrities?
  16. Will green energies destroy the oil industry?
  17. What impact has technology had on how the media reports news?
  18. Should cell phone companies be compelled to share a user’s personal information?
  19. Why doesn’t the government shut down the dark web?
  20. How is science affected by theoretical computational thinking?
  21. How is human perception and virtual reality connected?
  22. Can police enforcement initiate investigations based on our web searches?
  23. Can video game technology be used by the military?

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What are some technology topics?

Some technology topics to consider include the future of deep learning and how technology can help you lose weight. Others include questions like how a child’s development suffers from unrestricted streaming, whether it is permissible for people to spy on their neighbors using technology, and whether technology assists consumers in choosing healthier foods.

What is an example of a research topic in technology?

Examples of research topics in technology include questions like do individuals become more or less separated as a result of the internet, what modern technology is transforming the world, and why Alexa and other personal concierge products are so well-liked. Other research topics include what modern technologies aren’t widely known and how technology might assist drug addicts.

What are the topics in computer technology research?

Some topics in computer technology research can be about the drawbacks to introducing digital tools into the workplace, how effective are today’s anti-virus and anti-malware programs, and what are the implications for businesses of simpler data mining and processing. Others include what privacy and security issues were brought up by IT advancements and what dangers exist if an erased hard drive is still usable.

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